07 July 2021

Progress (sic): The Historic Oaks Golf Course to Be No More, Compliments of The City of Porterdale

 It was a perfect storm, a confluence of events that assured nothing but the worse would befall the home county. 

First off, The Oaks was just a golf course.

While for some - your semi-esteemed Editor proudly included - this was a big deal, for a significant number of folks: it meant absolutely nothing. 

Secondly, the basically totally broke City of Porterdale was desperate for revenue - any revenue - & despite the recommendation of its planning council, most knew this was already a done deal. 

And it was... 

Further contributing to this situation was while The Oaks was technically a part of "the City of Porterdale," it never was  (it got annexed some years ago for the sole purpose of being able to do liquor by the drink), and for most of the residents, property owners & taxpayers of the lovely mill village, this wasn't really on their radar. 

The Oaks, right there at the intersection of Brown Bridge & Crowell, while legally in the city limits, really wasn't; and, by & large, the REAL Porterdale folks had no skin in the game & therefore there was no real sense of urgency to stop this. 

Supposedly, the 9 holes co-designed by Bobby Jones will continue; however, one has to wonder if that was specifically referenced in any permit issued by the city. If not, they can say all they want & then do whatever they want. The home county has seen this done time & time again by various builders, developers & corporations. Promises made, w/out any legal consequence, leading to promises NOT kept. 

Another part of the history of the home county gone forever, folks. 


- MBM 

P.S. I first started playing at The Oaks in 1989, as a 14-yr old boy, right after Dick Shulz & Co. had cleaned, fixed up & reestablished the old course. I've probably played at least a hundred & fifty rounds there over the last 33 years. 

P.P.S.This is another reminder of the concept of elections having major consequences. If Nancy'd won - like she should've - this would not be going on right now.