30 July 2021

Quick Friday Check-In: A Tale of Two Governments - Newton BOC Being Surprisingly Somewhat Fiscally Conservative; The COV? LOL!

By: MB McCart, Ed. 

As I mentioned in this space a few weeks back, it's a helluva note when the Newton BOC - longtime target of TPC ire - comes across as fiscally-conservative libertarians compared to the City of Covington Council. 

I mean, really. As I told a couple of the network chiefs - I was pleasantly surprised w/ the number the BOC hit on last month. Not saying I was thrilled about it, but pragmatically, it wasn't too bad. But then, they go back to the drawing board & shave off another half a million dollars. 

C-Town Representin'!

Meanwhile, the city that got taken back by itself a couple years back & has turned into an absolute financial dumpster tire fire in which we just saw the highest budget dollar increase in the city's 199-yr history w/ a 14% year-over-year increase in size & scope of government. 

By the way, even though the COV started up their own economic development to the the tune of way too much money last year, if you'll notice in this year's budget - they're going to start funding the Newton Co. one again as well. To the tune of $50K per annum.

Oh well. The Covington Way & all. Somebody needed a job but now they realize that they actually need some folks who know what they're doing. 

Also, word is afoot that they're going to purchase the additional property for the Central Park. A lot of money there. It's on the agenda for their next meeting. 

But hey, Folks: 

CoViNgToN tOoK bAcK TheY,,re CiTy!!1!1!