20 July 2021

The Return of Ester Fleming: Ronnie Cowan to Appoint Former BOC Rep to Water & Sewage Authority

By: MB McCart, Editor 


As confirmed by this writer last week, BOC 5 Commissioner Ronnie Cowan is planning to appoint Ester Fleming, a former longtime member of the BOC, to the Newton Co. Solid Waste Water & Sewage Authority at this evening's BOC meeting. 

Let me be clear. 

This is: 


Ester is widely considered to have been the driving force of the Great Selling Out of The Home County (along w/ Hubert White) during his tenure on the Board back in the late 90s & early-to-mid 00s.

Furthermore, Fleming was actively involved with the Newton Co. GOP's establishment in the early to mid 2010s when the party time & time again violated GA GOP bylaws to keep newcomers out of the party until the GA GOP finally put a stop to it in 2015. 

Also, it is widely known by many (and known to me firsthand -- because he told me), that he fully supports Democrat Ezell Brown & has supported him in his last several elections. 

Finally, this part-time employee of Clerk of Court Linda Hays has been known to be very friendly with the infamous former county attorney, Wm Thomas "Tommy" Craig. 

Tim Fleming (left), Ester's son & Brian Kemp's long-time right hand man; Ester in the middle; Gov Kemp to the right. 

What is Ronnie Cowan thinking? That's a great question. Perhaps you should ask. 

His contact info can be found at TPC's Newton Co BOC Contact Page

As a quick aside, I tried working on this under the radar, but it didn't accomplish anything (it usually never does). Ronnie has been & is now definitely listening to the wrong people. There are other dynamics in play that I will talk about in a future piece if Fleming is indeed appointed. 

Again, this appointment is supposed to happen at tonight's BOC meeting. 

I believe this is not a good move for the home county. Why look to the past in such a divisive manner? Seems to not make sense. It's ALL politics.