23 February 2023

Amy Rae Ready to Once Again Rock Out The Five: Country Rock Singer Talks About Her Music, Upcoming Show & the Road Ahead

By: MB McCart, Ed. 

Amy Rae

Two words.

The One & Only. 

I'm tempted to just simply leave it at that... 

But seriously, some of you remember Amy's meteoric rise from a few years ago. Back in the day, starting in 2015, she took the local scene by absolute storm & continued to do so for several years playing high energy full-band rock shows as well as showcasing a softer side w/ her impressive acoustic gigs. 

It was the full package. An incredible voice. Great stage presence. 

A few of you may recall how I wrote about her multiple times in my old Covington News column as well as here in this space a time or two. 

This Girl was on fire! Getting airplay on 101.5 FM, playing multiple gigs all over the place while releasing some incredible original material

Then Amy took a break from the music to become a Mom. After a few years, the kiddos were old enough for her to be comfortable playing live music again & now she's back! 

Amy Rae
Live @ The Five! 

7189 Turner Lake Rd 
Covington, GA 30014

She started getting back into the groove about a year ago. Last month she played a show at Five O'Clock that absolutely blew the roof off the place. Folks were raving! Greg & the crew were so impressed that they scheduled her throughout the rest of the year & are very much hoping that she'll be playing their well-known & legendary New Year's Eve bash this year. 

Amy Rae

I had a chance to catch up w/ Amy the other day for our first interview in almost five years. As always, it was a great conversation in which we discussed many things. 

First off, we talked about the band. Just like in the old days, she's got the Brothers Meredith - Jordan & Jonah - on bass & drums, respectively. These guys are truly a superior rhythm section and Amy & I discussed the fact that them being brothers probably plays a role into how well they are able to lock in & become one as that driving rhythmic force of the group. 

Guitarist Taylor McCurley, also a superb musician, rounds out the regular crew of the ARB (Amy Rae Band) while Steve Martin is on as a hired gun for this one as a second guitarist. 

Amy spoke of how much she loves the dual guitar attack. 

"It just really opens things up & expands the sound so much." She went on to add the compliment - "my guys are great! They are all so good & I'm happy to have them." 

As many know, while Amy loves Country & many of her influences are of that genre & a good bit of her original material could be said to be in that vein her true passion is R O C K! And that's really a good bit of what you'll be hearing on Friday night. 

Speaking of the show, this writer was able to get a sneak peak of the set list & it's pretty great! 


For starters, and this is one that is gathering quite a reputation around town, they do this killer version of Folsom Prison Blues that morphs into a Gospel Medley that apparently had some folks at the last show they did feeling the Holy Spirit. 

The one that absolutely blew this writer away when she told me about it is Whitesnake's Still of the Night. I mean, who covers that? Who could even pull if off? Well, the Amy Rae Band can... 

Really, Amy's set list is a true fusion mix. It really runs the entire gambit. Classic Rock. Funk. Country. Alt-Rock & Grunge. You name it. I won't give it away but they're even doing a well known Hip-Hop track w/ a Rock revamp. Seriously, folks, you don't want to miss this one. 

Known for her High Energy & Searing Vocals as well as her Top-Notch Band!

We also spoke about the aforementioned show from last month that everyone flipped over. 

"It was an awesome feeling," Rae said, adding, "the positive feedback, that great energy...it meant so much." 

We went on to talk about the current state of all things Amy Rae as well as the road ahead. 

"It's a funny business (playing live music), you've always got to stay humble but to always keep the mindset of keeping it real...You can't please everyone...I'm me. I'm real. that's just how it's got to be." 

Amen, Sister. Amen. You got to. 

Moving forward, Amy is about to start collaborating w/ her old songwriting partner, Joe Duke, and is planning to get in the studio before too long & will be releasing a new EP at some point in 2023. 

That's very exciting & this writer is glad to hear it. 

Magnificently Talented! About to Begin Work on New Material!

You can hear some of Amy's wonderful originals at her website - AmyRaeMusic.com. And you can keep up to date w/ recent news & upcoming shows at her Facebook page

So again, that's 9pm Friday February 24th at Five O'Clock Bar & Grill. 

Until next time,