11 February 2023

Sunday Edition: Around Town; The Nightlife; Odds & Ends

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12 February '23 

By: MB McCart, Ed. 

Around Town 

To get a feel for the changes & growth presently occurring in the home city all one need do is to just simply drive around & look.

Over on the west side of town we see a new car wash going vertical next to the Zaxby's in front of the old K-Mart shopping center. 

Yep, that's right. We'll now have three in the home city once it opens. But you see how busy the other two stay, right? I imagine they'll do a pretty good business. 

And across the street from there, the newest next-to-newest urgent health care operation opened up months ago. 

So, I believe that's four of those now in the city limits? 


But how 'bout that Publix, though. Everybody's real excited about that. And for good cause. It's an incredible store. I've been there five times already. I really like their mini-shrimp cocktail. You get about 15 shrimp w/ some really good cocktail sauce for five bucks. Not too shabby. I understand their Sushi is pretty impressive as well. Will check that out & get back to you. 


Everybody's pissed about all of these damned apartments, yours truly included. 

Again, as I've written about previously, you've got your semi-esteemed Covington City Council to thank for these newest apartments, all 300 of them, even though staff recommended denial & the city had no legal cause to approve the zoning amendment. 

Thank goodness a particular subset of the home city folks "took back their city" a few years ago, right? 

I tried to tell some of you folks, but you never listen. That's okay. I'm still pulling for you...

And a quick sidebar. While several folks played a role in Covington finally getting the Publix, two in particular were key. 

Former Mayor Ronnie Johnston & former East Ward Councilman Josh McKelvey did as much as anyone to bring this to fruition.

This was truly years in the making. 

Documented fact. 

And then my mind turns to a current council member who famously called the main number of Publix's HQ a few years back to ask if to they were indeed coming to the home city. They, of course, said they couldn't comment on it, so then Fleeta posted on FB  that this was incontrovertible proof that Publix WASN'T coming. 

Lol. So dumb. 

But, here's the rub. 

The aforementioned new housing units  & Publix finally becoming a reality are actually interconnected. It's a numbers game for Publix. They do demographic studies, and it wasn't until the home city hit a certain number of households would they pull the trigger. 

It's never easy, is it? 

Same thing w/ the Panda Express & the much-anticipated What-a-Burger. You've got to have a certain number. Olive Garden? Same thing. 

What's the other big thing that many want? 

Yep, you guessed it.


We'll likely need a few thousand more housing units until we meet their criteria. 

That's the thing. 

You want the Publix & the Target?

You gotta have a certain number. They do demo analysis. Simple as that. 


Going back to that certain group of folks getting everything wrong. 

That crowd all said for years that the 3 Ring Studios would NEVER happen. Furthermore, most of them said it was simply a front for Islamic terrorists and/or a way for Ronnie to line his pockets. 

Have you driven down John Williams Hwy lately? 


And in the words of DJ Khaled - "Another One!" 

How about them saying that if only you elected their crew back in the 2019 municipal election then everything would be solved? 

You remember that...? 

Yeah, I didn't think so; however, I've got receipts. There's a lot of you folks who royally messed up. 

You would think that these people would tire of getting everything wrong all of the time.

They never do, though. 


The Nightlife 

While there are other venues & establishments doing live music these days in & around the home county they are currently not advertising w/ me so I'll just be concentrating on Five O'Clock Bar & Grill for this edition. 


For the record, w/ the recent restart of TPC, I will be bringing back Marshall's Music Minute to start up here in a couple of weeks in which I will be covering live music at multiple other places just like I used to do back in the day. So, stay tuned for that. 

Friday February 17th - Upgrade Band - Real Deal R&B and Soul Music | 9pm

This crew is known all over the Atlanta Metro area & for good reason. 

They're A M A Z I N G! 

70s & 80s Soul & R&B? Check. Pop music from multiple decades? You know it. 

These guys are the TRUTH! I'm planning on attending this one. Maybe I'll see you there...

Saturday February 18th - Chris, Jon & Scott | 9pm

As I wrote about a few years ago, I'm really thinking that Christon might be an angel or something. He's simply amazing. Jon & Scott Lansburg are incredible on guitar & bass, respectively. 

In many ways, this might be the best band in the home county. 

They can do 70s Classic Rock; 60s & 70s Soul & R&B; 80s Rock as well as 90s & New Millenium Alt-Rock; maybe even some Michael Jackson. 

They're simply the best. 


Sunday February 19th - Hunter Grayson | 3-6pm

This fella has been impressing folks for years. 

With an impressive voice, good guitar playing & true Country bonafides, Hunter is the real deal. 

**Also, this**

Homeslice is going to be the star of the new FOX reality show - "Farmer Wants a Wife

You'll be able to see him on the ole teevee here in about a month or so. 

Come see him do his thing & meet him before he becomes crazy famous. 

Odds & Ends

Let me be your Real Estate Guy

Ole Hwy 36, as evidenced by its number, is supposed to be an east-west state highway, but as we all know - once you get past Jackson, it's very much a north-south highway. 


Yesterday, around 5pm, the sun poked out during that continuous rain we had. As the Old Folks would've said - "The Devil was beating his wife." 

Some of you, those who've been in the South for awhile, have heard that old expression. What I want to know, however, is what's the backstory behind this one? Very random; very specific. What gives? 


And finally this. Our federal government & state government - and to a certain extent - our county & city governments , are mainly run by idiots &/or sociopaths who seemingly hate us.

As always, thanks for reading. 

- MB McCart 

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