06 February 2023

Covington City Council to Hear Zoning Amendment Request on 300-unit Apartment Complex Tonight - February 6th. 6:30pm.

 Covington City Council meets this evening at 6:30pm 

Yes, that is correct. After approx 1500 new apartment units have been built, are going vertical or in the pipeline in the past year or so, there is a petition for a zoning amendment for 300 new apartments on Turner Lake Rd in between Turner Lake Park & the Covington Gallery shopping center. 

The Planning Commission actually gave recommendation for approval in a 3-2 vote but the P&Z Staff has rightly recommended denial. 

With our infrastructure not adequate for this, not to mention traffic concerns, it is in the opinion of TPC & its editor that this 100% needs to be DENIED. 

Some additional thoughts from the Editor at his personal page

Three major items of consideration w/ regards to LEGALLY denying a zoning amendment (change): - the proposed use is already well served. i.e. a city w/ a population w/ an approx. population of 15,000 has recently allowed over 1,000 multi-family units to be built while another 1,000 are already in the pipeline, permitted & now going vertical, that city would be well w/in their rights to deny a zoning amendment for a new apartment complex - lack of infrastructure. i.e. in this same city, traffic is already a nightmare & the school system is busting at the seams, this city could deny a request for any zoning amendment w/ legal cause due to lack of infrastructure - Finally: Quality of Life of The Citizenry. After all, zoning ordinances were first upheld due to the General Welfare Clause. An adverse effect on the general welfare is, too, a legal justification for denying a zoning amendment

Sure hope the Covington City Council makes the right decision this evening. 

Contact Info for Covington City Council.