27 February 2023

A Monday Check-in from your Semi-esteemed Editor: Big Things Poppin' at TPC; Odds & Ends

 Greetings, Fearless Piedmonteers, and welcome back to the fun house! 

First off, your feedback & support for TPC returning to its former glory has been very humbling & is much appreciated. As always, it's all about you, Dear Reader, and it really means a lot. 

Also, a specific thanks to Greg Rogers & Five O'Clock Bar & Grill for advertising w/ us again. This was our first marketing campaign in almost two years & the first one since TPC has gotten back to business. Thanks so much, Greg. And remember folks - The Five is your go-to place in C-Town for live music & has some of the best grub in town. 

As a few of you may have noticed, we've been running some of our greatest hits here lately. We plan to continue to do so over the coming weeks & months. Our most recent, and one of my all time favorites, is Da's wonderful piece about The Lost Boys & The Last Days of Wiffleball. Dang thing gets me a bit teary eyed every time I read it. 

Speaking of Da, aka: Ellis Millsaps, our Editor Emeritus, we've been having weekly strategy sessions that have resulted in lots of cigarettes & cigars being smoked as well as some vodka & brandy imbibed. And...that's really about it, other than solving all of the world's problems while strengthening our already-robust Mutual Admiration Society. 

But I digress. The big news is that Ellis is working on a trilogy pertaining to a fond remembrance of a situation possibly involving Russians & a truckload of some "Kansas Shitweed." Look for Part I w/in the next week or so. Personally, I'm pumped

Switching gears, and even more exciting (sorry, Da), is imminent return of Kayla's Corner! Yes indeed, you read that correctly, Kayla is returning to the fold for a featured monthly column. First one should hit w/in a week or so. 

And a moment for your truly as well. I've been getting major compliments on returning to my music roots. Several of you really enjoyed the Amy Rae piece & I'm so glad you did. By all accounts she rocked the house again this past Saturday. If you missed it, fret not, she'll be back before too long & I'll let you know about it. And look for the return of The Music Minute this upcoming Thursday to get the 411 where live music is happening. 

Also, both of my 1880s Covington Murder on The Square pieces were quite popular. Thanks again. 

A final thought & this is one that one of our readers sent in.

What's up w/ the local governments doing as little as possible when it comes to the downed trees from that heavy weather a few weeks back? That one on Hwy 36 I almost ran into. Twice! Was like that all over the home county. I can kind of get a state highway where GDOT is involved but we also saw it w/ our county highways & city streets as well. They should at least be getting that stuff completely off the right-of-way. Not just six inches off the road shoulder. 

I'm in full agreement. 

Okay for now & as always - thanks for reading. 

- MB McCart