27 April 2015

[TPC] - Monday Mash-up: Word on the Street, Purchasing & the C-town Way

The Piedmont Chronicles 

~ est. 2010 ~

[State of GA]
[Newton Co.]

So...per the word on the street, at least a few of the powers-that-be seem to be in full-on wagon circle mode as we have seen what can only be described as a "Hail Mary." A push to bring in Aaron Varner, former BOC Chair, to serve as County Manager. A few things...

First off, please know that we cast no aversions aspersions upon Mr. Aaron. The man can sing Hank Williams Sr. better than just about anyone, and, he is, by most accounts, a pretty decent and stand-up fella. The Hank thing makes him special in my book. Plus, he's a cool guy. It's always a pleasure seeing him. However, we do not need him as county manager. How 'bout this? Why doesn't Newton Co. start following the law? Our current form of government is, in our estimation, illegal and in violation of our charter. All that is needed, from our perspective, is a lawsuit filed by at least one Newton Co. citizen. Let's get it together, BOC folks - you're doing it way wrong!

  - Vendor and purchasing policy committee -

they're not even trying to hide things anymore. JC pushing for Junior to be on the vendor and purchasing policy committee! Sure, bring in the one who may allegedly, that is - al-leg-ed-ly (per that o'er boy that stay down the way, and he, who in turn, had been given the info from big lil' Walter that stay down just past the chicken coop) - be responsible for a million dollar drain that should be at least coming somewhat close to breaking even. And, oh yes, he's a vendor! Sounds legit. Sure...WHAT???

Let's take a moment for a quick prayer: 

Dear Lord,

Please lift up this BOC in your arms and give them some help. They're sorely lackin', right now, Lord. They need your help. Desperately.

Yours in Prayer,
Newton County

  - The Covington/Newton Way -

It's a code. A way of doing things. And a piss-poor way of doing things at that. This quagmire du jour is generations in the making.

~ there exists a term in operations management called "Escalation of Commitment." It refers to natural human tendencies of avoidance and denying of reality. Also known as sticking one's head in the sand and feverishly doing the same things that got you to this bad point in the first place. "Escalation of Commitment."

~Also - a culture of going along to get along. Deferring to people in positions of power. And a resignation of hope that things can be changed because, after all, this is Newton County.

It's a sordid state of affairs, thy brothers and sisters, but that's okay - it can be fixed.

Hope springs eternal...

Lord willin' and if the creek don't rise, we'll see you next time.