05 April 2015

[TPC] - The Sunday Edition

The Piedmont Chronicles 

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[State of GA]
[Newton Co.]

- The Sunday Edition -

  • In re: SB 127
    • The Gold Dome and its GOP Leadership is just a complete mess right now. Really, it's worse than that. They are now actively trying to erode Constitutional and Natural rights. They must be watched for the danger to Freedom & Liberty that they are. It's beyond the pale, and those responsible for this outright power play and desire to muzzle public dissent must be treated as the public enemies and scoundrels they surely are. 
    • Of course, now, it's the new normal - a brave new world, if you will. And most of these folks are just too dumb to understand it. It's like they want to be Frank Underwood or something, but they just don't have it in them. Still, they're the problem they are. As ole Big Lil' Walter that stay down at the Grove would say - "gotta hold him down, folks - can't let 'em get up!"

  • The Newton Co. Landfill situation 
    • Monday night the Newton Conservative Liberty Alliance* hosted its March General Meeting at the Washington St. Community Center. A crowd of over 120 people attended. Things got heated at times, but it was a very good coming together of people of all points of the spectrum - political, race, age, socio-economic, etc. This broad-based coalition can achieve big things for the betterment of the city of Covington and Newton, Co., I believe. 
      • The featured speaker, Tonya Bechtler, did a fantastic job. This woman, y'all...thank Goodness she has taken the lead on this thing. Always remember, the BOC will never give her any credit or place her on any of the citizens' committees, but she's the one who got this on everyone's radar. And look, in my humble estimation, all of this - like so many other things in Newton Co. - stinks to high Heaven. We need folks like Tonya...
      • Ditto for Mrs. Brenda Mullins. What a wonderful lady! These folks in and around the Spring Hill Community have had a landfill or dumping grounds of some sort in their backyard for going on 70 years, and quite naturally, they are sick and damn tired of it. And yes, there's a racial aspect to all of this - and if you don't get that - then that's YOUR problem... 
      • And Aaron Brooks did a fantastic job, I thought, of hosting the meeting and especially moderating the Q & A session. I don't think anybody else in Newton Co. could have pulled it off. Well done, Mr. Chairman.

  • The Newton County BOC? 
      • Dysfunctional. Sad. A disgrace,maybe even? 
        • These folks could have been the heroes - could have saved the day - but like the folks at the Gold Dome and most other elected officials - they're too busy running from their own shadows. Hell, they can't even get the county attorney to make even just a token decrease in the legal fees that are probably the highest of any county in the state of Georgia. Put a fork in the 2015/16 BOC, I guess, they done. 
      • How sad! Just a shame...

  • And let me just put this out there - I still don't like Nathan Deal, and there's the whole thing about how he allegedly he hates dogs and children, but had it not been for him, and if the Gold Dome had been left to its own devices, we probably wouldn't have gotten anything done vis-a-vis HB1. So, there. I'll give credit where credit is due. Big kudos to Rep. Peake and my main man, Dale Jackson, and thanks to my Rep., DC Dave Belton, for voting for it. 

Well, folks, hope everyone has a good Easter. Til next time...


*Disclosure: Your esteemed editor is a member of this organization.