29 May 2015

[TPC] - Friday Quick Bites: Talkin' Landfill & Craig

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Friday Quick Bites: Talkin' Landfill

From a friend:
Appears our Newton County Attorney, William Thomas Craig, likes to negotiate reservoirs AND regional Garbage DUMPS on our Georgia Rivers. We have (so far that I can find):
Newton County, Yellow River 2015
Bartow County, Etowah River 2004
Walton/Oconee County, Apalachee River 2003

And a nice little write-up from back in the day about it. 

So, we've known for sometime that Wm. Thomas Craig, Esq. has been the reservoir man. Now we can also call him the "Trash Man." And my word - you put a landfill and a waterway together? Well...per that o'er boy that stay down the street, that's when Craig really gets hot and bothered. Allegedly...

But back to Newton Co. Did you know that Craig represented the Lasseter family (non-Newton Co. varietal), the folks that own the land next to the current landfill, for years up until they sued Newton Co. in 1998? Then things got turned over, as we understand it, to his brother-in-law's law firm in Athens. That doesn't seem to pass the smell test to us. Legal? Probably. Is it right? Well that's the question, isn't it?

Is the Spring Hill Community becoming the "Sell Out Community?" Lots of noise in the system and word on the street about the smooth operator greasing the wheels within the local community. All alleged at this point. Just word on the street, you know. But we shall see what we see. And obviously there are just some amazing folks in that historic community that are wanting to do the right thing. I hope there's no fire with this huge amount of smoke. I truly do...

>>>The Rub and Key Part of this Write-up -- Please Read! <<<

Did you know that Pratt Industries is willing to become our hero. They could take upwards of 90% of our trash, incinerate it, convert it to fuel, and take care of our landfill management needs way cheaper than any other alternative per multiple sources? With only having to manage 10% of waste, that could give our county landfill a much longer life with much less trash that would benefit the local communities and environment way better than any other alternative. But, alas, no one can get rich or put a buck in their pocket on that one, so that's just not possible at this time as Newton County seems to be still firmly entrenched in what we like to call the "Old Model." Quid pro quo; tit-for-tat; the alternate golden rule, et al. etc. etc.

It's a damn rotten state of affairs, folks. But just remember - there are people - Smart, passionate people - who are on it like flaunt it! They are in it to win it. And they are not going away.