15 January 2018

Checking in on the Rec Commission Situation

The Piedmont Chronicles 
- Est. 2010

[State of GA]

[Newton Co.]

As previously covered by this publication, the termination suspension with pay of former (?) Recreation Department Director Anthony Avery has been quite the thing. Unfortunately, with each passing day it seems as if this whole thing continues to spiral more and more out of control and, sad to say, it seems as if race is the only factor for many folks both inside and outside the arena of this particular situation.

This much we know: 

Anthony Avery was terminated by the Board of Directors of the Recreation Commission.

What we may or may not know: 

His termination was changed to a suspension with pay by Newton Co. HR, perhaps, but maybe not, per the advice of county legal counsel, possibly. maybe, allegedly...

Here's where it gets juicy: 

Word on the street is that everybody & their brother & sister is getting in on this thing - BOC Commissioners, City of Covington Council members, County Constitutional Officers, the Minister's Union, maybe former county attorneys, and about 227 other persons apparently. That's why The Chronicles will be submitting an Open Records Request first thing in the A.M. We'll keep you posted on that.

And here's what starting to become fairly apparent: 

The Chronicles has in its possession multiple official documents that clearly shows, in our estimation, that Mr. Avery was definitely fired WITH cause. While apparently the actual process of terminating Avery under his classification of a civil servant was mishandled, that is no reason for a county as beyond broke as Newton to feel compelled to agree to a possible settlement that some are saying has eclipsed the $300,000 mark. Also, The Chronicles are in close contact with an anonymous source who says the really heavy stuff is about hit. Based on their previous track record, we have little doubt that they will be proven correct.

Also, it seems as if our quasi-esteemed Chair, Marcello Banes,  is maybe either getting bad advice from somebody, or somebodies, or is being set up to fail miserably, by that same somebody, or somebodies. Sending out certified letters threatening to improperly and illegally remove Rec Commission Board members is about as dumb as trying to violate the county's form of government to take over operations of a county facility. Oh, wait, that's right...

Tonto Network; ear to the ground & all that.

We'll be keeping an eye on it.