25 January 2018

TPC Day-tripping: a Journey to Stanton Springs

The Chronicles
25 January '18

Hello, lovely readers. Is that a new necklace? It's nice!

So the other day TPC took a stroll out to the east to check out the Baxter Baxalta Shire set-up, the learning institution & the rest of the Stanton Springs development. Recent word is that Facebook might be coming, or possibly Amazon.

Apparently this Shire facility is going to be producing blood plasma or something, or maybe "Captain Trips." The place looks like it's guarded like a military installation.

And I can confirm this: it is true that if you go down the Stanton Springs Parkway and turn around without entering one of the attended gates - and especially if you stop a couple of times to take some pictures - a security vehicle will fall in behind you within about 30 seconds.

He was eyeing me pretty good as I'd pulled over to talk with a worker marking lines near the front by Hwy 278. I flashed my press badge I had on hanging on my rear view mirror. He looked disappointed. I was hoping against hope that he'd try to talk to me, or preferably even attempt to give me some type of command, on a public road.

Naturally I'm being somewhat hyperbolic in this piece. For more research, google: "baxter pharmaceutical issues & baxter pharmaceutical flu," or click on this link about Shire's settlement for false advertising claims.

Hope all is well.