28 January 2018

Sunday Check-in: Talkin' ORRs & OCGA; Saving Money & Improving Safety for the Home County; Odds & Ends

The Piedmont Chronicles
est. 2010

[State of GA] 

[Newton Co.] 

(North Covington * 28 January 2018) - 

Hello, dear readers, and we hope all is well out there in Newton & the rest of the glorious GA Piedmont. 

The Status of Two ORR (Open Records Request)s filed by The Chronicles 

As previously mentioned, this publication did file an ORR with the Clerk of the Newton BOC (Board of Commissioners) & its legal counsel, Jarrard & Davis, a couple of weeks ago seeking information on communications related to the Newton Co. Rec Commission situation. Despite filing on January 15th, TPC editor MB McCart was informed that most of the information requested will not be ready until tomorrow - Monday, January 29th. So...keep an eye out for that.

An ORR was also submitted by this publication to the Newton Co. Hospital Authority some time back. For the moment, it does not seem that most of the information desired is even available, and for what may possibly be - a cost of approx. $1,000, per a communique received by TPC, would be incurred by this publication for that information. I do know, however, that the Authority allegedly did a "document dump" when the Newton BOC & its legal counsel previously requested some information during the ambulance situation, so I'll try to get my hands on that. Perhaps the time has come for this publication to start a "Go Fund Me" or set up a Pay-pal account. Regardless, from what this publication can tell, apparently there are no records whatsoever for the Authority previous to two years ago. The Authority was chartered over 50 years ago and had received millions of dollars during that time in earmarked millage.

OCGA (Official Code of Georgia )as it relates to the Rec Commission Situation 

After much research and consultation, The Chronicles feels very confident in releasing the following statement:

The Newton Co. BOC Chairman has no legal authority to remove any member from the Newton Co. Recreation Commission. 

Save money & increase the number of Deputies on the road by doing away with the metal detectors and the multiple deputies who are assigned to both the Historic Courthouse & the Newton Administration Building 

Question: how many CPD officers man Covington's City Hall? How many metal detectors are at City Hall?

If you answered zero on both, you are correct!

Former Newton BOC Chair Keith Ellis was a grave disappointment on many levels, but perhaps nothing was more idiotic & frustrating than his knee-jerk reaction after the State of Georgia rightly declared that permitted GA Citizens could carry their firearms on government property UNLESS it was a a Judicial Center OR if screening (metal detectors) were put in place.

Get rid of the metal detectors & put a couple of Deputies back on the road. And with the remaining money I suppose our Sheriff can help pay his legal fees to Wm Thomas "Tommy" Craig...

Odds & Ends 

- An amendment to the Best Burger List of Newton Co.: the word on the street is true, folks - Five O'Clock Somewhere has one of the best burgers I've ever had! No joke. Man, it's good! Half a pound of meat with perfect seasoning & it tasted like it was grilled in your backyard. Definitely get it with the Blue Cheese. And finally somebody in town that uses the big & thick steak fries. I was impressed. Well done, Greg!

- The Steel Road Band will be doing a month-long residency at The Listening Room at Irish Bred Pub. Every Thursday night in the month of February. These guys are good. I'd recommend checking them out.

- And speaking of the Pub, local songwriter extraordinaire Campbell Harrison played a triple-bill last night & word was that it was quite the show!

That's all for now, friends. See you next time.