21 February 2018

It's Coming...


[State of GA] 
[Newton Co.] 

(Covington) - 

It's finally here, good people. Tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM will be the unveiling of the new logo of The Piedmont Chronicles.

And, Thursday March 1st will be the first day of the advertising campaign of our first ever local advertiser.

Very exciting... 

And BOLO for the following pieces in the near future: 

  • A featured write-up of a local Poet, Carpenter, Professor, Gentleman & a Scholar 
  • Hospital Authority 
  • The Rec Commission 
  • The Henderson political machine & the Ministers' Union
  • The next installment of "The Porch," by Ellis Millsaps 
  • What's up with the proposed Newton County Historical Museum? And where's the $$$? 
  • JDA/Stanton Springs 
  • IDA 
  • Rockdale County government shenanigans 
  • And what's up with those folks out in Madison & Morgan County? TPC is following a strange & unusual story out that way. 
  • and much, much more... 
So, friends, keep it tuned in here at TPC. Your only REAL news source for what's really going on in the home city, county & the rest of the glorious Georgia Piedmont. 

Yours Very Truly,

MB McCart