19 February 2018

Monday Morning Quick Bites



Welcome back to The Chronicles. Grab a plate & dig in. 

  • Per multiple sources, the Newton Co. Dysfunction DEFCON level (NCDDL) is being taken down to LEVEL 2 - "FAST PACE" this week. It all apparently starts with tomorrow evening's BOC meeting. You should totally attend. 7PM. Historic Courthouse. And what is Level 2 with the NCDDL, you may ask: high probability of hijinks & shenanigans; elected officials going full-on moron; lack of basic commons sense; think of the best decision the BOC could possibly make w/ something & then imagine the diametric opposite
    • Hey, if anything, it's just good, cheap entertainment. 
  • Word on the Street: City of Covington considering taking back City Pond & creating their own Recreation Department? Now that would be interesting! It would also probably be a good thing. Many have said for years that it would also probably be a good thing for the city to start to expand its municipal boundaries. And as this publication has been saying for years - the time has come for a new municipality in Newton Co. Basically every bit of HD 112 that isn't Covington, Oxford, Porterdale, Mansfield or Newborn. 
    • Problem solved in re Newton Dysfunction. 
  • The Chronicles has enjoyed following Drew Parker's tour w/ Luke Combs via Facebook & Twitter. Look for a Q & A w/ the hometown boy done good here in the space very soon. 
  • And speaking of music, TPC fave The Bitteroots returning to the COV. Saturday night at The Listening Room @ IBP. 
Okay for now. Thx for reading & we'll see you soon.