08 April 2018

The Sunday Edition, 4/8/18: Murder & Mayhem in Walton Co.; NCRC Update; The Masters; Odds & Ends

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Sunday Edition 
8 April '18

And a good Sunday morning to everybody. Hope all is lovely out there. And how about this weather? You know we're always gonna have at least that one cold snap after Easter. I think the old folks called that blackberry winter. A lot going on today; let's dig right in. 

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Murder & Mayhem in Walton Co. 

From the Walton Co. Sheriff
The Walton County Sheriff’s Office has arrested the following individuals in connection with the body located earlier today on Walker Bennet Road:
Roger Gene Watters - 44 - tampering with evidence 
Kolbie Hadden Watters- 21 - felony murder, aggravated assault
Jonathan Britt Lester - 21 - felony murder, aggravated assault 

A missing person's case has now turned into an alleged murder investigation over in Walton Co. It has now been confirmed that the victim is one, Chase Loffler, whose body was found at a property in Loganville in which Lester supposedly lived. Not much in the way of details as the investigation is ongoing but the general consensus seems to be that hard drugs were most likely involved with some wondering if all of this is connected to the ongoing drug investigation in Morgan Co. that TPC has been investigating.

Mugshot of a previous charge against K. Watters

Roger Watters, father of Kolbie & former owner of Sycamore St. Grill in Social Circle, was arrested for allegedly "tampering with evidence." No word yet as to what exactly that evidence was. Some may remember Watters' arrest when he got shot at the grill back in 2016. TPC Editor MB McCart was made aware at the time by a family member of the person who shot Watters that the bar & grill owner was the instigator of that incident & that was later confirmed by law enforcement. 

Lester was arrested in North Carolina

A lot of moving parts to this sordid story, but let's not forget the tragedy of a young man having gone to his grave far too soon. TPC will be keeping up with this situation.

NCRC Update 

At Tuesday's Newton Co. BOC meeting, the anticipated total reset of the Newton Co. Rec Commission did not quite fully happen. Flemmie Pitts, longtime serving member, was reappointed to that board. Per an inside, anonymous source, Pitts' reappointment on that board (after it'd been announced that no previously existing members would be included) was part of a compromise to get at least one more member who wasn't a supposed "Establishment" person, but that a 3-vote consensus that'd been previously created apparently evaporated the night of the meeting into only two votes and the motion was carried.

Also of note is that the verbiage used in the resolution to reestablish the NCRC attempts to change the charter of this commission & makes the city of Covington representative on the board subject to approval of the BOC Chair. Several have said that this is illegal and in violation of the charter, but apparently Newton Co. is just shooting from the hip on a lot of things these days, so who knows? Regardless, the city does provide two employees to the Rec Department, including the interim director. Additionally, the city owns City Pond, so...there's a lot there.

But with a budget that pushes $2 million, things need to be handled correctly & the NCRC needs to be run efficiently moving forward. We'll keep an eye on it... 

The Masters 

" /s - Hey, I'm Patrick, I like cheating on the golf course & stealing stuff from my teammates. Plus, I'm a Choad & I like Notre Dame. /s

A tradition unlike any other, this year's edition has some interesting dynamics. First off, we may have finally found golf's first true villain in years. Patrick Reed, purported cheater & thief, has seized control of this thing & has a 3-stroke lead heading into Sunday's final round. This guy just looks like an as$hole, and apparently everybody hates him. GO DAWGS! 

So...go Rory, I guess? I'd have to pull for ND Boy over Fowler, though. 

And how about that Masters' Pimento Cheese sandwich! And they only charge a buck fifty for those bad boys. How 'bout the recipe? 

Masters-style Pimento Cheese
  • 3 lbs shredded sharp cheddar cheese
  • 1/4 lbs of softened cream cheese
  • 1 1/2 cups of Dukes mayonnaise
  • 12 ounces of diced pimentos (jar) or roasted red peppers
  • 1 tsp of white pepper
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tbl of granulated onion
  • 1 tbl of granulated garlic
  • A couple shakes of hot sauce
  • Dice red peppers or pour jarred pimentos along with juice into a mixing bowl
  • Combine cream cheese, peppers with juice, mayo, hot sauce and spices. Fold dressing into cold shredded cheddar cheese. Ready to serve, either alone with crackers or as a sandwich.

Odds & Ends

- Eatonton, GA is turning it up to 11! They've added a lot of great dining over in Putnam Co. & there's a lot of arts & culture going on. They've also raised the bar when it comes to entertainment & music. Yacht Rock coming in June! I plan on being there...

- Covington to decide on its representative on the NCRC on April 11th at a work session. 

- Democratic Primary for Governor: The Battle of the Two Staceys - Abrams vs. Evans. The smart money is on Abrams, but I wouldn't totally discount Evans. Regardless, the smart money is also on either of them most likely losing the general election in November. But, if the "Blue Tsunami" does truly come to pass, then nothing is off the table. Look for an expansive piece this week here at TPC.

Well alright, friends, that'll do it for this edition. Be on the lookout tonight for the 4th installment of Ellis Millsaps' "The Porch." And thanks so much for all of this positive feedback on both "Kayla's Corner" & the return of "Marshall's Music Minute." Be on the lookout for both of those on a weekly basis.

Hope everyone has a great week.

Your Pal,

MB McCart 

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