17 April 2018

Tuesday AM Quick Bites: Bedlam at the COV Work Session; ED Bonuses & Taxpayer Waste

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Good Morn', everybody. We know you're hangry, and we've got some assorted morsels for your dining pleasure. Let's dig in!

  • As first reported by The Citizen, it's been made aware that Serra Hall, senior project leader for Newton Co. OED (Office of Economic Development), will be given a $25,000 bonus for the Facebook deal over in Stanton Springs. This thing has spread like wildfire with conservative & progressive types alike being none too pleased with this seemingly egregious waste of taxpayer dollars. We haven't gotten a list of salaries from Newton Co. in a while, so TPC isn't yet comfortable quoting a specific dollar amount for what Serra's annual salary is, but - surprise, surprise! - it's pretty hefty, not to mention those top-notch GOV benefits. And look, for the record, we really like Serra. She's a very cool & intelligent lady, and we have no doubt that she provides a service for the home county, but, again, isn't that why she's being paid that handsome salary? Regardless, this came from the top - the Board of Directors of the JDA, and they seem to have an unwritten law that they have to be loosey goosey w/ taxpayer dollars.


  • The Covington work session last Thursday apparently got really good reaching a crescendo when COV Police Chief Cotton had to pull ole pal AB away from the podium after he, like a lot of the assembled group as we're told, had reached his Charley James moment & had enough of JC's ramblings vis-a-vis Spillers Park. Mr. Mayor, perhaps, had let things devolve a bit in an attempt to be overly fair & generous with the time given to the NC Commissioner; however, Hawnethia broke it off legit & dealt with the "bedlam" and tamped down the heated emotions. Never a dull moment folks!

Okay, then. Busy day today. Let me run. Keep an eye out for Kayla's Corner later this afternoon. Thanks for reading, friends.