02 August 2018

Local Business Spotlight: Tom's Auto Service

Local honest mechanic with over 35 years experience does superb work at very reasonable rates & counts his clients as friends...

9191c Hwy 278 
Covington, GA 30014
(across from the old Walmart; behind Newton Package Shop)

Tom Reichelderfer - AKA "Tom Terrific" - has developed a reputation as one of the premier mechanics in the east metro Atlanta area. After serving his country as an Army MP, Tom has spent his entire adult life working on cars & has amassed four decades of experience.

The biggest thing with Tom - what really sets him apart from the competition - is the fact that he builds relationships. He doesn't have customers; he has clients, and most of these clients consider Tom their friend. And that comes as no surprise to those of us (myself included, MB McCart) who only take their vehicles to Mr. Terrific. Tom truly cares, and he takes the utmost pride in his work. And he's honest. As you know, that trust factor is all-too-important when it comes to picking the person that works on your car.

- Great Work & Great Rates. Honest & Dependable -

Tom's expertise is beyond compare, but what really sets him apart is the communication aspect. When you bring a car to Tom's Auto Service, you are dealing directly with Tom. He's the one you're talking to, not some receptionist or a technician. That can be especially useful when you're dealing with one of those hard-to-diagnose issues. 

While Tom has vast & extensive experience with German, British, Italian & other foreign makes & models - as evidenced by the fact that many long-time customers come from all over north & central Georgia to bring their vehicles to Tom (he is especially well-known for his Mercedes, BMW & Volvo work) - he is equally comfortable with American cars like Chevy, Ford & Dodge. And here's the kicker: Tom has all the diagnostic tools & systems to be able to find out what's wrong with your auto, and how to fix it...

In addition to preventative maintenance, troubleshooting & automotive repair work (mechanical & electrical), Tom also does oil changes at very competitive rates. And no matter how big or small the issue, and whether or not it's general or specific, Tom WILL get to the bottom of it & will get it figured out for you. However, as he will tell you, the key is that regular & preventative maintenance, and with Tom's reasonable rates - it's an affordable & smart investment to keep your ride humming right along. 

Come see Tom today for all of your automotive needs 

9191 c Hwy 278 
Covington, GA


(across from old Wal-Mart; 

- MB McCart, TPC Editor

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