17 September 2019

A Tuesday Evening Check-in w/ MB: Talkin' COV Real Politick; Newton Co. Tax Commish; Odds & Ends

Greetings, beautiful people. So glad you could join me.

Covington politics, man! My goodness...

Seriously, though, I've seriously come to the conclusion that if one could ever figure out C-town politics, then the Newton Co., GA & USA editions would probably be a piece of cake.

So let's delve right in.

Mayor's Race

What can you say? It's gettin' down & dirty - already - and it's the middle of September. As I've been saying for over two years now, there is truly a JDS (Johnston Derangement Syndrome) phenomenon going on that is only getting more pronounced. I mean, really, there's some folks around here that apparently think our current Mayor is a mix of Hitler & Nixon & that he gets his kicks from pouring sugar in folks' gas tanks while being mean to small children & dogs, all while he's drunk at 10AM on the Covington Square.

I'll just say this (IMHO & all), but I believe these folks may be helping Horton snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. I know some of you don't believe me, but my mind really ain't made up on this thing, but as this tired & pathetic sight we see continues to continue...well...

Council Races

I'm still sticking to my predictions. Big wins by both McKelvey & Plitt.

Newton Co. Tax Commissioner

I believe a fair amount of people confused Dingler's concerted & under-the-radar pronouncement of her upcoming retirement (effective as of January of 2021), vs. her actual waddling walking away right now (or at some point in September of 2019).

Hell, I don't think she's going anywhere. And why would she? What, with the Newton County Way & all, not to mention that fat 6-figure salary.

And as an aside, I just love how folks like to bitch & moan about things but then aren't gonna do a single DAMN thing about it & then want folks like me to handle it. Well, tell ya' what, I'm only working about 6 or 7 jobs right now, so let me just get right on that. Stat & Pronto! Just for you.  Your pleasure is our pleasure & we aim to please. Yassir...

Odds & Ends

I appreciate the kind words from a few of you lately; however, I've been more impacted by the comments from some of you about my decrease in posting about local issues, as well as all of the things I need to be looking into, investigating & working on & more specifically, at least from my vantage point, of the basic rundown on what, why & how I'm doing things wrong.

Thanks for that. I forget myself sometimes. Really, I do. Really...


- MB McCart

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