17 September 2019

Perrin Lovett: When Government Schools Kill

Nobody is killing me, my friends, by treachery, not using any force.” - Polyphemus, The Odyssey

I’m sure it’s happened, but I am unaware of any direct homicide of any student at the hands of a public school. The indirect killings, however, are legion. There are murders of other kinds too, and numerous beyond count. The schools kill creativity. They kill interest. They kill intellect. They kill souls or parts thereof. They kill critical thinking. They exterminate freedom. Honestly, it’s why they exist.

Most United States residents and most Americans still find this acceptable. It’s only when one or more children get gunned down at a school that any semblance of outrage arises. And then, it’s usually, by design, twisted around into further hatred of liberty. A maddening cycle.

Such was the case at Stoneman Douglas High School, in Broward County, Florida, on February 14, 2018. The school system, Broward County, the State of Florida, and the Imperial US government, with the great assistance of gunman Nikolas Cruz, murdered fourteen students and three adults. The system, as much as Cruz, did this with great malice and tremendous planning aforethought. 

One of the deceased victims was Meadow Pollack, an eighteen-year-old student. Her father, Andrew Pollack, along with Max Eden, published a new book, which sheds much-needed light on the matter. 

Please read a few excerpts from a recent New York Post article. The system knew, for years, that Cruz was a dangerous, crazed sociopath. “Why did the school allow him to remain enrolled despite his daily, deranged behavior for a full year? Not by negligence, but by policy.” Multiple policies dictate that students like Cruz must be tolerated, even at the expense of the safety of everyone else in the schools. 

Pursuant to these policies, records are kept. Pollack published notes from Carrie Yon, Cruz’s Eight Grade English teacher. I’ll relay two which, independent of everything else, scream out an alarm:

Sept. 11: After discussing and lecturing about the Civil War in America Nick became fixated on the death and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. He asked inappropriate questions and was making shooting actions with his pencil. Some questions he asked were “What did it sound like when Lincoln was shot? Did it go pop pop or pop pop pop really fast? Was there blood everywhere? After the war what did they do with all the bodies? Did people eat them?

Sept. 16: When we began to read the Odyssey Nick paid partial attention (in-and-out) until we came up to the gruesome scene when the giant eats Odysseus’ crew members, only then Nick was interested in the lesson and got my 100% attention.

And, no, the alarm isn’t that middle schoolers were actually studying the “Civil” War and reading Homer, remarkable as those revelations are. I placed double emphasis on certain words related to cannibalism. I’ve written before, and I imagine I’ll write again, that cannibals are the next great protected class of deviates. In this case, in these telling passages, we see early tangential inclusion. 

Inclusion and diversity - of anything, no matter how wicked - are parts of the mantra of the failed system. Combine those with fear (the driving force in public education), statism, hatred of all things Western, ignorance, and sheer stupidity, and you get a lunatic walking around, killing, with an AR-15, while the brave policeman hides under the staircase. 

How could Cruz legally purchase such a weapon, given his extensive record? Because the same policies dictated that all of his defects and criminal behaviors were covered up. Where’d he learn to shoot an AR-15? In the damned school! “Yet they not only allowed him to enroll in Marjory Stoneman Douglas, they literally gave him an air gun, shaped like an AR-15, and let him practice shooting.” All in defiance of expert recommendations. 

Rona Kelly, Cruz’s therapist, and Dr. Nyrma Ortiz, Cruz’s psychiatrist, knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Cruz was crazy, with lethal ideations. It seems almost everyone on the East Coast of Florida knew. Yet, nothing positive was ever done. Even now I would bet that Cruz, awaiting trial and continuing to act out violently in jail, has yet to receive any neurological examination, to include an MRI or CT brain scan. The sinecures of the fraudulent industry know only enough to perpetuate themselves. They do not ever want to know the literal truth. Systemic solipsism of Luciferian proportions.

How can this be tolerated in an informed and civilized society? Well, it can’t. But, here in the latter-day United States, the insanity is hardwired. For fun, and if you have the time, consult the two one-star and sole two-star reviews on Amazon of Why Meadow Died. See what jumps out at you. I’d go further, but I’m not writing a book of my own about it and I trust your judgment. The one-stars are off-topic and personally vindictive. The two-star, from a “Dr. G,” smells of well-worn gun control hysteria. Note that.

Note also that this phenomenon of fostering, promoting, and defending dangerous psychosis is widespread. I personally encountered it during my year-long research for The Substitute novel. Rest assured that the same evil spirit resides in the Newton County “schools.” It lurks in all “schools.” For that and many other reasons, there is no reforming these institutions. It’s also my sad suspicion that there’s also no escaping more gun control (on top of the copious level we endure as-is). That’s why, a few weeks ago, I presented a short fictional (but factual) how-to about caching arms for future use. I’m working on a similar story about how to easily and cheaply obtain weaponry after the fact. We’ll have that here in the near future.

For now, get your kids out of those educational abominations.

BONUS: If you know why I kicked off with a quote from Polyphemus, then my hat is off to you! If not, then still enjoy this picture of a sculpture:

“Polyphemus Sitting” by Corneille Van Cleve. Pic from someone’s Pinterest.