20 July 2020

[MB McCart] - Amateur Philosophy Hour (I was a Stoic & Didn't Even Know It); Taxes, Taxes, Taxes: Update on the Confederate Memorial Situation

TPC was supposed to have had a 2-week vacation, but we know that that didn't happen.

Dammit, people, I thought I told you not to spill anything on the carpet (here's looking at you, Marcello).

Oh well, life happens & we move on, don't we?


As far as I can tell the biggest problem at all levels is a lack of Stoicism. 

Like the old saying, there are only two absolute truths on this ole rock of ours - death & taxes.

Can I get an Amen?

Seriously, though...

And another old saying - "Whoever Said Life Was Fair?"

Because, folks, nobody ever told me.


Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

Taxes are almost always going up at the local level this time of the year, no?

How 'bout them property taxes? The biggest racket out there, folks. We all know it's true.

Newton Co., even with the millage decrease, is Raising.Yo. MoFo. Taxes.

Porterdale municipal taxes? Going up, up, up; Oxford? LOL! Of course they are.


Not the City of Covington. A true tax decrease. Even though I despise basically two-thirds  of the council, they did okay on this.

Confederate Memorial 

Many of you have already & undoubtedly read some of the official recaps of this morning's court proceedings from those other papers in town, but for those interested, here's the REAL Story:


"ott's an asshole; ott's a sonovabitch; ott's a real-piece-of-work...

...tiffany humphries trying to make a legal argument while getting absolutely destroyed is quite something...

...ott always cuts everybody off...

(((he's the Judge, right?)))

...marcello got served, but said he didn't get served...?

...megan martin seemed to have the sole objective of pissing off Ott...


And more: 

"what a sh!tshow!"

"let's see marcello's threatening emails..."


It's going to be a couple of weeks before this all gets sorted out, apparently. We'll keep an eye on it.