15 July 2020

Update on the Covington Confederate Memorial

By: MB McCart 


Based on solid sources & information received by this publication, the Newton Co. BOC was going to remove the confederate memorial from the Covington Square tonight at 10pm.

But as has been extensively reported the last couple of hours, an injunction was issued by Judge Ott of the Alcovy Judicial Circuit & a hearing has been scheduled for 9:30am Monday morning.

So, no removal this evening.

We'll be keeping an eye on it...


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  1. I used to feel passionately about this. I don't anymore. There are elements in our society who want to destroy our heritage and Western Civilization all together. Ask any public high-schooler, college student or millennial when the Civil War took place. You'll probably get a blank stare. They can't tell you what we celebrate on July 4th, from whom we won independence, or who we fought in World War ll. They have no sense of history. All these people want to talk about is institutional and systematic racism (whatever that is), white privilege, reparations and Black Lives Matter. The rest of the country seems willing to st by and let this group of leftists take over. Well, have at it. Elect this crowd in November and and let's see what happens. The whole country will go the way of Baltimore, Seattle and Chicago. I'm getting out.


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