01 July 2020

Perrin Lovett: What We REALLY Need!

Things are a regular mess in our great, propositional nation of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! The USA has been invaded by a bunch of liberals and street criminals who pulled down all the statues of our AMERICAN HERO, Big Boy, cause I ain’t seen one at a Shoneys in a long time.

Here’s what we have to do to restore our REPUBLIC! We have to vote! Vote Republican, the party of Lincoln, of course.

We need a BUSINESSMAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE! You gotta run the government like a business. Product = strong military.

We need CONSERVATIVES on the so-called “supreme court.” With the magic of five, all bad things would go away.

We need to ELECT REPUBLICANS! Obviously. Otherwise, the Democrats win. Can you imagine how great it would be if the Senate was GOP right now?

We need REAL conservatives, not this crazy Marjorie Greene character. GREEN is for [L]ibertarians to smoke. Judaeo-Churchians stand with Ben Shapiru-backed candidates. True Conservatives™ support LEGAL immigrants and, I suppose, LEGAL lgbtp.

You ain’t “woke,” you are “sleepy.” All these Aunt-Ifa’s (SP?) and BLM’s in the peaceful protests need to read the CONSTITUTION. Then, they’ll know and they’ll vote for REPUBLICAN CONSERVATIVES! #BLM! #bowtie #cuck!

This Saturday, JULY THE 4th, let’s celebrate our INDEPENDENCE DAY right, by wearing our masks, kneeling, saying, “so sorry,” and watching (on Fox News!) our cities burn!

Stand for nothing at all.

Next time, see you soon! :)