27 September 2020

TPC REAL Politick: T-minus 37 Days

 By: MB McCart, Editor 

Greetings, TPCers & we sure hope this post finds you most lovely. 

So...election day is getting close, isn't it? Hard to believe. While the POTUS race as well as the very unusual TWO U.S. Senate races in the same election cycle here in Georgia has sucked up most of the oxygen in the political room, let's get down to the real-deal, nitty gritty stuff - Politics Local. 

Here's a quick, synoptic look at a few of the upcoming races for the home county. 


Brown v. Malcom 

I think this race is pushing almost two years, right? As I've publicly said a few times over the last year & a half I believe there is precisely one person who could beat Ezell, and his name happens to be Ken Malcom. 

Obviously a very exciting race, and one that will be very competitive, I think. 


If I was going to bet money on an office flipping to the Dems, this would be one of two. Destiny Bryant, by all accounts, has created quite a coalition & seems to be running a very strong campaign. 

Tax Commissioner 

Right now, I'm fully expecting Marcus Jordan to be our next Tax Commish come 2021. Please know that this is 100% in NO way of an endorsement, I just think there's too much baggage for Darby to overcome. 

BOC 1 

Stan the Man wins in a landslide. 

BOC 5 

Ronnie Cowan will likely win handily, which maybe wouldn't've been the case if Casey Duren had won the Democrat nod. That lady running for Team Blue seems like a real piece of work... 


Once again, just like four years ago, Dorothea is running to become "The People's Coroner." Just like last time - this nurse who seemingly has no experience for this office & whose campaign platform mainly covers issues & plans completely out of the office's purview - will very likely lose again. 

Local Politics! Gotta love it! 

- MB McCart