29 September 2020

Perrin Lovett: Civil War Studies

 There was a Far Side cartoon some years ago that you might remember. It was titled The Dam Bursts, and it featured the residents of the migraine headache institute, armed to the teeth, angrily processing next door to the school for marching bands. 

The United States is like that, except it’s not as funny. It also won’t involve just two opposing sides. Hello, there! No, this article is not about the American Civil War of the 1860s. Rather, it’s an early and incomplete analysis of the conflict we’re plunging into today.

The sides. The population by and large consisting of idiots binary thinkers, there’s a temptation to divide things up neatly as they were some sixteen decades ago: two sides: authoritarian mercantilists wickedly allied with usurers against genteel agrarians lazily allied with incompatibles. Or, “North” versus “South,” if you like. In the interests of easy comprehension, we could approximate dual factions, at least as a loose template.

Ultimately, this war, like all others, is a continuation of the eternal struggle between good and evil. That rages on from The Beginning unto The End with us not knowing where we fall along the grand timeline. (Beware of anyone who earnestly predicts such a placement). In a sense, we’re looking at Christians versus satanists. This is an accurate estimation only as to overarching beliefs and ideologies. Our Side, possessed of numerous divisions, still values the good, the true, and the beautiful, all in honor of Jesus Christ. The other side is the dominion of the world, of chaos, ruin, and death.

A more progressive view would be of Nationalists versus globalists. One will note thematic compatibility with the most basic, religious breakdown. Nationalists honor the human societal structure created by Almighty God, destined to exist even in Heaven. The globos seek the destruction, disruption, and despair wrought by a new Tower of Babel, calling evil good, and good evil, and seeking ruination and slavery under the false guise of unity, nicety, and a fabricated definition of almost everything. One should note who stands with or for what. Those who favor the nations also tend to favor the families, the individuals, and tradition. Those who lust for the world tend to attract every manner of abomination and degeneracy. These are not coincidences.

The too-frequent calls for (or against, or merely in observation of) a race war may be misplaced. Given the (non-COVID) events of this year, the view is somewhat understandable. Indeed, it does look like a war has already commenced, but with one side largely abstaining. I can’t say those with this framing are completely incorrect; they just overlook, in a simplistic fashion, a few factors. Again, I hate to tell you old-timers, but it isn’t 1861 anymore. It is no longer a black and white issue - entirely. And, to the extent it is, it is more of a messy component of conflict caused by the most unwise mixing of nationalities or ethnicities. We have also, you may have noticed, most unwisely added some additional parties to the formula and in rather sizable numbers. The formula: (a level of) diversity + proximity = war. There are other problems with the two sizes (sides) fits all approach: for instance, many Africans are Christians; many Europeans serve, directly or otherwise, the devil; some Muslims will ally with Christians; your enemy’s enemy isn’t necessarily your friend; nobody knows how some groups will act or react; etc.

What are the odds? I’d say in the neighborhood of 100%, give or take 0.00. 

How’s it going to look in reality? That’s the beautiful thing - no one knows. Nor can we be certain of when it will start in full, how bad it’s going to get, or how long it will last.

It is my belief that it has already started, in a slow, low-pitch manner soon to heat up. When? Look for a spike this November for obvious reasons. Then, it might go ballistic, or it might quiet to a simmer. 2033 was a good enough estimate. However, once the process starts - and it will be a process, not an event - it will go on for years, or decades, or even longer.

How bad? VERY. VERY. BAD. If it started with Molotov cocktails, it may end with B-52 runs. Or, depending on how one looks at it, it may turn out very well. It had to happen, honestly. Rather, it did not, but this is the US, the home of people who really enjoy difficulty. For a reference, remember that, at the beginning of the 21st Century, the debt-based economy had virtually failed. An intelligent and peaceable people might have opted for a simple reset. That was not, and is not us, sadly. The crisis of 2008-9 was papered over, compounded radically, and visits upon us again with far more pressing force. The economic collapse will exacerbate the domestic conflagration, as will the violent, flailing end of the international empire, which also could have been eased out of with greater harmony. The hard way it is! This all makes perverse sense considering that, during these last twenty years, the average intelligence in the US has declined by about half a standard deviation. 

The loss of IQ coincides with the loss of morality and all else. The reasons why, along with what comes later, and how the mechanics of the martial process may work out are important, but will all wait for another day. It’s going to be fun, kids! Honest.

In related news, Freedom Prepper is running an October civil war and unrest theme! It’s aimed at surviving the immediate fallout of near-term events and is less of an academic discussion. You should have already started studying the big picture; last week, I gave you The History of Florence to review. You did that, right? Good, because this Empire, like Rome’s, has run its course and is about to dissolve. The best-case scenario would be something like the quick, easy, and happy divorce between the Czechs and the Slovaks. This being ‘Murica, we’re more likely to get something like what happened in the Balkans - messy, violent, multi-partied, and thoroughly devastating. Or, it could be a more drawn-out affair, akin to that of Italy described by Machiavelli. It could be something else.

Look for multiple factions, all over the place. And look for multiple places, all over those factions. I briefly pondered a future North America and came up with twenty to thirty plausible states. In reality, it could be two, or ten, or two-hundred and ten. There’s no telling how far the reductions will run. But, it is time to think and plan. It’s time, on the macro level, to pick your side. It’s time, on the micro-scale, to find your local tribe.

The good news is there is still time, just not as much as there was. Use what you have judicially.

Perrin Lovett

CFF Feature Writer, TPC 

Editor of Freedom Prepper