13 June 2021

Home County REAL Politck Drama: The Budget, The Chairman & The Newton Exposer

 By: MB McCart, Ed. 

Welcome back, friends! 

An interesting week we just saw, no doubt, it's all very, very interesting. 

The Budget 

The first (second & third) rule about the millage rate is that apparently you don't talk about the millage rate here in the home county. 

Supposedly the Newton Co. budget will be voted on on Tuesday evening (6/15/21) so I guess our county government will be sharing that information w/ us at some point.  

Regardless, with the recent real estate valuation increases, that millage rate better drop a whole bunch. A true "rollback" rate would be very nice & helpful to the taxpayer as we continue to see the Biden administration (sic) effect & the worst inflation we've seen in two generations continue to pummel the working class (but #NoMoreMeanTweets). 

The Chairman 

Well, well, well...

Marcello obviously likes to keep that ride clean.

Maybe it's just me? I'm more of maybe a twice-a-year-wash-your-car type of guy; however, the other MB is seemingly more like a once-a-every-couple-of-days kind of guy. 

Different Strokes, maybe... 

Looking through his P-Card purchases, some items definitely looks suspect; however, in order to get to the REAL Story, I'll be filing an ORR for his expense reports first of next week. 

So stay tuned for that. 

The Newton Exposer 

This week-old Facebook page has created quite the stir the last few days. Many have wondered about who is behind it. 

I'm not completely sure about that (working on it), but I can report on the following (speaking of ORRs): 

Denise Williams is the one that filed the ORR for Marcello's P-Card purchases. 

I reached out to Ms. Williams but she didn't seem very forthcoming w/ any answers. 

Based on my research & conversations w/ sources, Ms. Williams is friendly w/ BOC 3 Rep Alana Sanders as well as former Madam Coroner, Dorothea Bailey-Butts. 

Interestingly enough, according to one source, she is also friendly w/ Covington Councilwoman Fleeta Smith Bagett.