23 June 2021

TPC Check-In; State of TPC; A Moment From MB; Summer Sabbatical Soon

Greetings, TPCers & hope it's lovely out there. The rain has moved out for at least a few days & it's looking like we're going to have a few days w/ decent temps & moderate humidity. Nice! 

Well, you know, w/ so much drama in the COV it's kind of hard being the MBM, double-C, ART, but somehow, someway - I keep comin' up w/ that funky gonzo journalism every few days...I got those cultivatin' words that be captivatin' they - who - at ease - be readin' up on TPC. 

And that's how we play the game. G's Up! 

SOTPC (State of The Piedmont Chronicles)

Your Source for the REAL Story

Friends, it's been quite the thing. Despite the limited posting here lately, TPC has reached a totally new level in terms of readership & reach. April of this year become the #1 month in the 11-yr history of the ole site, obliterating the previous best from a couple of years ago by over 10K views, only to be outdone by May. June looks to be continuing the new normal. So, thanks for that.  

A Quick Moment 

Look for a new piece from Da later this week & the next edition of our Point; Counterpoint series to follow soon thereafter. 

And look for at least a piece or two related to local REAL Politick before we go on Walk-About. 

Speaking of which.... 

TPC's Summer Break will be beginning soon & will probably last at least two weeks, maybe three or so. I will be releasing a few "Past Piedmont Chronicles" during that time related mainly to local places & history w/ maybe a piece here & there from our friends Da & Perrin. 

As always, we appreciate you reading.

Your Friend, 

- MB McCart