17 June 2021

News of Newton: BOC Holds Off on Budget Approval In Order To Find Further Cuts; BOC 3 Rep Sanders Hates America?

By: MB McCart 

 In a move that pleasantly surprised many, including this political watcher, the Newton BOC held off on approving the 2022 Budget in order to find additional cuts to offset proposed pay increases. 

Folks, I have an idea. How about we greatly curb the limits of P-Card holders? Or better yet, how about we do the hell away w/ all of them? 

ORRs are being filed as we speak & there's going to a very big stink here very soon, I believe. After all, what's good for the goose is certainly good for the gander.

I'd recommend the BOC wait to see just how much money could be saved by fixing this obviously flawed situation. You add up all of those P-Card limits & you start talking some pretty big money. 

Hey, every bit helps, right? 

Alana Sanders 

So the lede on this piece was...well, you know...maybe a little hyperbolic?


Yeah, something like that... 

Anyways, apparently, based on her words & actions, Ms Sanders seemingly just doesn't like celebrating Independence Day or its time-honored tradition of setting off fireworks. 



So long for now, fearless readers.

'Til next time,