23 September 2021

TPC REAL Politick: Oh Joy, It's C-Town Municipal Election Time!

*Ed. note: one quick piece before we finish our Fall Break. As always, Thx for reading - MBM
I had a funny moment w/ a pal of mine the other day about ole JC (I know, he's county level) where we were riffing on this concept of him...you know...maybe skimmin' a little off the top, capice? 

I then threw in a bit about Don Fanucci in Godfather II. 


Covington Square 


JC & some sketchy hood 


JC: "you should let me wet my beak a little..." 

(JC wearing a fancy, multicolored suit w/ a matching hat)


The old saying in politics basically goes something like this: 

"Yard signs don't vote, but they certainly don't hurt, either."

W/ the east ward race, based on the signage in the old guard district (Conyers & Floyd), it seems as if The Gazebo Lady has the upper hand; however, if you drive through Covington Place & many other parts of town & Keck looks to have the upper hand. 

Perhaps a competitive race at this point? 

West Ward 

By all accounts Scoggins seems like a decent fellow that would probably do a good job for the home city. But considering this is the west ward & he's going against Hawnethia's hand-picked successor, I think he's certainly looking at an uphill climb. 

Okay for now,