08 September 2021

TPC Real Politick: All Levels of Government Seem To Be Failing Us - The Last Great Ride of the American Scream Machine?

 An analogy I've been using for over six years now, and I'm actually starting to wonder if it's coming to pass. 


Joe Biden is obviously unwell. The most recent video footage clearly shows an old man dealing w/ dementia. His wife has gone back to teaching, seemingly distancing herself. Same w/ VPOTUS & pretty much the rest of of the federal government. It's extremely sad & very, very concerning. 

The audit from Maricopa Co., AZ, is finally finished & shows - in my opinion - beyond a shadow of a doubt that those results are a fraud & must be de-certified. Remember election night -- in an unprecedented act, six different states all "quit" counting, but yet they didn't... 

The greatest foreign policy failure perhaps in the county's history. 

The enemy legacy media. 

And Dr. Fauci... 

He lied to Congress. He's a charlatan. The only question left now, I think, is whether or not it was intentional.

Rand Paul, right once again. 

And college football stadiums filled to capacity this past weekend & ample evidence of politicians not adhering to various guidelines but yet parents all over America are having to fight tooth & nail against these evil government agents to keep their children in school & to keep them from being emotionally & mentally abused. 

And now the proof can't be refuted from other countries, namely Israel, that the vaccines are a failure, but yet we see the continuing activities from the federal government to force these things down the throats of most of America. 

And why don't you google the largest criminal fines ever paid in American history. The three major vaccine makers are in the Top 15. And remember -- doctors & hospitals, on average, receive $2 billion per year from Big Pharma (verified fact). 

Possibly the biggest scandal in American history? 


I was still Team Kemp until the last couple of weeks. In my opinion, he has been co-opted by the bad guys & his behavior & public comments, while not at Biden levels, are starting to get more bizarre & concerning. He's wilting, it seems. 

As to the man who bought the Secretary of State's office? Too little, too late. Plus, he probably needs to be in jail. 

And in our great state in just the past few days we've had a current DA & a former one indicted. The Ju$tice system has been so dirty for so long & this is just the tip of the iceberg. 


The Newton Co BOC meeting last night was an abomination. This political body, as it exists, is no longer viable. 

And it's not just government, is it? All of our institutions seem to be failing us right now. 

Tough, tough times, friends.