16 May 2015

The GRP State Convention - First Report

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[State of Georgia]
[Athens-Clarke Co]

(Athens) * 16 May 2015

It's state convention times for the GA GOP today in Athens, GA. All the players are here. And most certainly all of the compelling storylines. So much information. So much to share. Where to start? 

I just got a text from a dear sister of another mister who explained, while waiting on credentials, the GA GOP guy said - "oh yeah, y'all are the Newton Co. folks," or something similar. Hell yes. We are, indeed, Newton Co. There are legitimate civil right & constitutional concerns of the electoral process - and the potential consequences - are vast. And not just on the state level, either. This is big time, bubba. And that's why all eyes are on this story.

The Players? Randy Evans is the epitome of smooth, savvy intellegince. I think I've got a bit of a man crush on him, actually. This guy would make Tommy Craig look like a damn dullard. True story.

Padgett? Egad...

I got to chat with Catherine Bernard. My word, what a lady...

For a minute it was looking like Ryan with the GRP had put a sick burn on me. Oh, how I was cussing him. I could see him smoking cigars with Padgett et al laughing at how they'd worked over the citizen journalist from Covington. But...it was just a misunderstanding. Ryan personally delivered our badges to us in the media gallery. Super guy, and now I have his phone number. I think I'm gonna call him like every day...

I've got a lot of hand-written notes and stuff in all 17 mental back burners. But it's gonna take some time to sort through it all.

We are in the vortex. The energy level is high. Hope we can get our finger right on the pulse.