09 May 2015

[TPC] - The Weekend Edition: 9/10 May 2015

The Piedmont Chronicles 

~ est. 2010 ~

[State of GA]
[Newton Co.]

Greetings & Salutations, my good readers. Hope everything is going everybody's way out there. 

As I mentioned earlier, the Chronicles is proud to report that Ellis "Da" Millsaps is coming on board as a part-time contributor. The following are his, in my opinion, greatest hits: 

  • His 2010 bike journey on the Natchez Trace was written about on his blog. A 3-part series, it was, in my estimation, worthy of some type of journalism award. The first part gives some background on the Trace and talks about his thoughts on the trip. The next installment chronicles Day 1 of this trip. See also: Day 2 & Day 3.
  • Probably my personal fave of his deals with his write-up of the formation and rise of a local band from the mid-2000's, The Cool Swap. A great and funny work, it holds a special place in my heart as I was in this aforementioned group. Paper Covers Rock is a fantastic work, and it's also the name of a song we wrote to honor this wonderful, weird guy.
  • And finally, his Magnum Opus - The Lost Boys and the Last Days of Wiffleball. A powerful piece... 

Local Politics: 

Well...what can be said about the state of Newton County politics that hasn't already been said about Afghanistan? Bombed out and depleted - It's a dang mess. Nothing changes, in our opinion, until you take out the middle cog of the wheel - the county attorney. Until we see 3 BOC votes for that, there will not be real change in our home county. We need vision and bravery, folks, but I'm afraid all we'll see is more of the same - hijinks, shenanigans, and skylarkings. 

 State Politics: 

As I also mentioned in our last communicaid, the Chronicles will be taking our act on the road next weekend to cover the Georgia Republican Party convention in Athens, GA. Lots of moving parts and compelling story lines: 

  • On a local level, there is much interest in what delegation from Newton Co. will be sat at this convention. As some of you may know, the local GOP party split back in March when duly elected delegates were not sat by the establishment. The majority of those duly elected (approx. 3/4) left and held their own convention. An appeal has been winding its way through the proper channels and the word on the street is that the State appeals committee may very well rule in the favor of "New Newton Republicans." *
  • Also of interest is the race for State GOP Chair. In which was thought to be a foregone conclusion of seeing the incumbent Chair, John Padgett, easily winning reelection, the dynamics have appeared to change. Young Liberty-wing and TEA-party darling Alex Johnson, an Atlanta attorney, has recently gotten the endorsement of WSB's Eric Ericson and is now basically being given 50/50 odds by most state politicos and watchers. It's a classic juxtaposition - old model vs. new; establishment vs. grassroots; older fella vs. the young buck...very compelling stuff. As an aside, I know Alex and think a lot of him.


- Gannon Adams at the Social House in P-Dale tonight
- Also in "Cedar Shoals," Double-Shot live at Dirty Dawgs


- To me, one of the best artists in Newton Co. is the one and only Cindy Murphy. I'm proud to own a Murphy piece and hope to add many more over the years. She is simply exceptional. Check our her profile page at Southern Heartland.  


- I need more Daler Mehndi in my life... 

That's all, folks! 

*Discolsure - I've been involved with the local GOP stuff and am firmly in the camp of the "New Republicans."