12 May 2015

[TPC] - Talkin' GRP, Sinister Six & and interview with Jason Pye

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Vis-a-vis the Georgia GOP, yesterday was quite the interesting day, no? Lots of moving parts. Lots of heated discussions. Here's some background if you need it.

So, who came up with calling them the Sinister Six again? Was that my main man and "local politician" Aaron Brooks? I think I remember hearing that. Regardless, what about that Jessica S., though! Man, what a woman! I'm not sure if she could ever be wrong about anything. A genius quite possibly. Just look at the results - both the Padgett and Johnson camps immediately rolled out specific action plans. It seemed to have worked...

Remember, us regular folk just need to sit back and let these people do their thing, obviously. We're just not quite at their level or plane of existence, if you will. Never forget, folks, while a lot of us are quite smart, and somewhat savvy, we need to save the heavy lifting for these esoteric bright lights like Jessica and Jason and the rest of 'em.

Speaking of Jason. Pye, that is. Had a chance to chat and he was nice enough to go on the record. Gonna go Gonzo and Steam-of-Consciousness w/ this:

"i like alex...he's a smart kid."

"just have major concerns about his leadership ability - i'd like to be proven wrong."

"for me, and think the other five feel the same, if alex wins, and he may very well...we'll be the first ones on board to help and grow the party and put it on the right path."

"just not sure, though - if he wins - i hope he proves us wrong."

Regarding Padgett:

"john's really going to need a strong mandate to be effective in light of recent things."

When I asked how that would even be possible, Jason basically said he didn't know.


[Updated 12:15PM; 12 May] - Jason wanted to make sure I conveyed that he also said that he and  the other five would extend the same offer to Padgett if he were to win. Basically that the offer is out there for either one or possibly even if a compromise candidate were to emerge.

Party Unity, FTW! >>>


Interesting stuff....