07 May 2015

[TPC] - Coming Down the Pike...

The Piedmont Chronicles 

~ est. 2010 ~

[State of GA]
[Newton Co.]
Hello, readers. Hope all is well out there. A few things coming up to tell you about:

- Haven't done a Sunday Edition in a minute, so be on the lookout for that pretty soon.

- Also, next weekend (May 15 and 16), the Chronicles will be taking our act on the road. We'll be heading to Athens, GA to cover the Georgia Republican Party State Convention. I'll have my associate/producer with me - Dr. Lazerbeak - and we're planning on doing some video segments and interviews in addition to several write-ups and updates I'll be doing here. I'll also be tweeting a good bit, and we'll also be linking to our sister publication - East Metro Blog - for some more of those...how shall we say - avant-garde gonzo journalism pieces.  Really looking forward to it! Lots of strong drink, sundries, and Varsity, not to mention being around the power station of the GA GOP apparatus. Should be so much fun!

- I've had some feedback from a few folks who've basically said the same thing recently which is, to paraphrase - while we've enjoyed the move to more of a newspaper approach with lots of local interest and political stuff, we miss the historical and human interest stuff. Well...fear not, fearless reader, I've got some good stuff coming up including, but not limited, to the following: a write-up of the Covington Mills community, and interview and corresponding write-up of a local musical legend (actually I've got two of those in the works), and a few other things in varying degrees of completion. So be on the lookout...

- Also, we're proud to report that we have a new contributor on board with TPC. Ellis Millsaps, former columnist with the Covington News, will be lending his talents here and there mainly dealing with local stuff, culture, traditions, etc. You can read some of his previous works at his blog.

Til next time...