26 May 2015

[TPC] - Georgia Counties: Greene Co. Edition

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[State of GA]
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From the online Georgia Almanac's Greene Co. page

Greene County was created from Washington County on Feb. 3, 1786 by an act of the General Assembly (Marbury and Crawford’s Digest, p. 162). Georgia’s 11th county was named for Revolutionary War hero Maj. Gen. Nathanael Greene. A few months earlier, Greene and wife Catharine had taken residence near Savannah at the Mulberry Plantation, which was a gift from the Georgia legislature in appreciation for his victorious campaign against British forces in the southern theater of war. Unfortunately, on June 19, 1786, General Greene died from overexposure to the Georgia sun.
Portions of Greene County were used to help create Taliaferro County in 1825. Additionally, areas of Greene County were transferred to Oglethorpe, Clark and Taliaferro counties between 1794 and 1877.

 Here's a link for the official Greene Co. page: Greene County, GA

I've always really liked Greene Co. For one thing, it's such an old county. The 11th ever created in Georgia which puts it just behind the original 8. A lot of history there and while it has grown some with the booming of Lake Oconee, it's still a very cool place with lots of history, culture, and good folks. Just a quick skip down I-20 from C-town.