13 September 2016

[TPC] - Tuesday Night Quick Bite 13 September '16: Redneck Militia (Henry Co. Variety) in C-town Edition

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-(North C-town Representin' * 9/13/16) -

White trash from Henry County (but I repeat myself) who think they represent the Georgia-Constitutionally mandated idea of unorganized Militia, that go by the name of the 111% Security Force of GAhave descended on our County Square. These fellas, who two days ago, featured a Facebook post that showed them committing the crime of Trespass, and who earlier in the day featured a post that said, "Fuck Islam," and "Fuck...Muslims," who apparently are based out of Henry, Co., GA, decided to once again trespass in Newton Co. Their trespass is multi-faceted. To wit: 

- They have organized their own Militia, so therefore they think are under the purview of "unorganized Militia," or, unaffiliated, unregulated, etc. Pick your term. Not so logical from our perspective. Also, if we were going to go this route, none of these mouth breathers are from any of the following GMDs:

462. Nor 463. Not 475, 476, or 477. Or any of the other several ones in the Home County.

And remember folks, there is a very active and robust Constitutionally-mandated State Militia, now known as the Georgia State Defense Force, that, per the Georgia Constitution, is always ready and on call, and that is under the purview of the Governor's office, and also the Adjunct General of these forces.

The 111 crowd is NOT a part of that. No, like many before them, they lay claim to the concept of the unorganized militia. But they are wrong, in this writer's opinion. 

Well, fine folks, I was there today. On the east side of the Square - the cool, hip side - with the proverbial Covington Peanut Gallery. I even had my circa. 1966 pressman binoculars that I put into service. We saw two fellers with AR-15s. Another guy had a holstered pistol. Homeboy, their fearless leader, spouted some poorly-spoken yelled gibberish into a megaphone, and then when it was all said and done, the yokels all took a bunch of pictures with, among other things, the Gadsen Flag. 

It pissed me off in multiple ways. WE'VE GOT DIBS ON THE GADSEN, boys. 

A few things: 

- Again, I feel as if they're operating in violation of the Georgia Constitution. The Unorganized Militia is always there - all male able-bodied Georgia Nationals - but they are to remain UNORGANIZED until an open call is put out by the Governor, Adjunct General, or by a duly elected, or represented, GMD leader or trustee. 

- They're using this ill-conceived notion for no other purpose other than intimidation and coercion. I felt like I saw that first hand tonight. All about power and intimidation, from my vantage point. The total and absolute, diametric opposite of the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP). 

- They don't seem to talk or write real good, and that's always a major sticking point with me. Plus, they seem rather dull. But maybe I'm just being judgmental...

The kicker, though, is this: they are, once again, in this writer's estimation, violating the Georgia Constitution.

STAND DOWN, 111 SECURITY FORCE (sic), STAND DOWN. None of you are members of the Georgia Militia Districts of that primary political subdivision of Georgia, Newton County.

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~ GMD 463 ~

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Yours Very Truly,

M.B. McCart, Editor-in-Chief