01 September 2016

One year ago today Reba McCart went home to Glory

The Chronicles
1 September '16

~ One year ago today Reba McCart went home to Glory ~

Reba McCart was my Grandmother.

Reba McCart was the Granddaughter of my namesake, Marshall Anderson Benson; she was the Great-grandmother to my daughter, Laney, who was named after her Mother. She was so many things to me.

She was my 2nd Mother. I'm very fortunate, I know, in that I basically had two mothers growing up, when some folks don't even get one.

She was my inspiration, and my muse. She was something special, for sure. Her words of love and wisdom stick with me every day. There literally hasn't been a day in the last 365 when I haven't thought about her.

She was the Wife of E.M, and the Mother of Billy - that, in and of itself, is saying something! ;-)

She was all about love. Love of her family, of her neighbors, and most importantly, of her God.

She was fearless. She'd cut the head off a copperhead with a shovel, or shoot it with a .22 or 4-10. She was fearless of the forces of dark and evil, because she was, as previously mentioned, such as Godly woman.

She was funny...I mean, really funny. She had a sense of wit and spunk that was unparalleled. And she could sure 'nuff give you the business, but it was almost always deserving if she did. Except for me. Because I was her favorite, and you can ask the three other grandchildren - they'll tell you the same. Oldest grandchild and Cousin Jennifer, was a very close second, I think ( probably we were actually tied, but too bad for David and Jason). But you have to remember - I was the baby. And I was the one who came along after Granddaddy McCart passed on. I think that she needed me, and I sure as hell needed her...

She was RuRu, as I called her as a small child, and as my daughter also called her years later.

She was something special alright..

I can't believe it's been a year since Reba White McCart took her reward and went home to Glory.

I think of her often; I miss her every day.