27 September 2016

[tpc] - Newton Co. GOP meets in "Sandtown"

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[Newton Co.]

(9.27.16) - The Newton County Republican Party (NCRP) held their monthly general meeting last evening at the Historic Newborn Schoolhouse in Newborn, GA as part of their "On the Road" tour of Newton Co. Last month, the state-sanctioned political party met at The Speakeasy in Porterdale as a few of you may remember. It seemed to be a good and productive meeting. 

A representative of the Donald Trump for President grassroots team was there and gave a good speech. There were also several discussions related to the ongoing Mosque situation. Previously, the Executive Board of the Party had sent out an internal memo to its members saying that the Party, officially, had no comment or stance on this issue. At last night's meeting, a few members objected to this and felt like a County Committee meeting should be called for that governing authority to discuss the matter. A vote was taken, and it was decided that there would be a convening of the County Committee of the NCRP after at least 10 days, as per their bylaws.

Several other matters were discussed including the establishment of a sub-committee to concentrate on making much needed changes to the Newton Co. Board of Elections, specifically, the removal of Bill Perugino, who currently serves as the GOP representative on that governmental body.

This biggest thing, to this writer, about last night's events, was how organic it was run. It was really more or less a town hall-style meeting, where Precinct officials and regular members were just as much involved with the running of the meeting as the Chair or the other excom members. Even some guests were able to take the floor and make points and plead various cases. It was all very well done, and proper.  Basically the total and diametric opposite of when the Old Guard/Establishment had control. With them, it was all about power, order, and subjugation. The People, the true power, had none, as far as they were concerned, or so it seemed. It was all just so refreshing.

I've said it once, and I'll say it again, Mr. Ray Cowan was the perfect person to take over as Chair of this group; ditto with Scott Jay as Vice-Chair and the rest of the Exectuve Committee.

You can learn more about the Newton County Republican Party by visiting their Facebook page.