05 June 2019

[MB McCart] - Proposed FY 2020 Budget for Newton Co. Would See a Huge Growth of Government & Highest Taxes in County's History

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Look for an expanded report tomorrow morning - Thursday 6/6/19

By MB McCart, Editor 

Folks, this publication has been getting its hands into the proposed FY 2020 budget - totaling an amount pushing $70 million - for Newton Co. & it ain't looking good...

For starters, the taxpayers of Newton Co. will by far see their highest property taxes ever as most folks could've already gathered after having seen those recent assessments. Revenues for this year's property taxes are estimated to be approx $36 million, an increase of  $3 million & rate of growth of 9.3% over last year's. 

Also, a couple of new revenue streams for the county. As you'll remember, it was very important for the county to start making money on "non-traditional tobacco paraphernalia." That'll be adding $12,500 to the county's coffers. So there's that.

As per usual, though, the big problem is spending. This county is addicted to it. The proposed budget would see an increase of over $3.5 million representing an increase of 5.4%.

The two most concerning items with expenditures in my opinion: 

- An increase of $3 million for salaries & benefits representing a 7.8% rate of growth 

- Debt Service for the county increasing $26.2%

I think some people think I'm being hyperbolic when I talk about how bad & dire the financial situation is in Newton Co. I'm not.

Check out the expanded report tomorrow morning. 

- MBM 
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