19 June 2019

[Perrin Lovett] - Ebola! Ebola Who? Ebola for Your Tasty Ethnic Food, Amerika!

Does anyone remember why the people elected Donald John Trump as the 45th President back in 2016? If I remember correctly, and there’s been a few beers, if you know what I mean, the Red State meat and potatoes crowd was all fired up about banning bumpstocks at home and decriminalizing sodomy abroad. The rally chants are coming back to me now: “Lock that stock!” and “Drain the Prolapse!” Yeah, that was it. Those were the major planks along with, naturally, another false-flag-based war, this time with Iran. Let’s us pause just a minute, here and now, to thank almighty Moloch for the continuing blessing that is John Bolton.

If there was one thing that the good and wise voters did not want, it was any attempt to make America great again. For starters, such a scheme would require making America American again, and that just ain’t happening. The people enjoy the changes unfolding these past fifty years, and they intend to keep getting them, good and hard. It’s not like anyone supported a literal, physical wall between them and the incompatibles and unassimilables of the world. Who’d pay for that? Mexico? Geeze.

And, the changes come, every month and every day. The numbers are so vast, and the reporting so lax, that it’s a little hard to keep an accurate count. But! It appears that each year something like 1,000,000 - 1,500,000 illegal aliens, almost all from non-Western backgrounds, flood into the Imperial Homeland (formerly, “America”). That estimate is quite similar to the number of legal aliens, most of whom also of non-Western origins. I don’t have time, just now, but someone should point out that Emanuel Celler, Phillip Hart, Ted Kennedy, and Lyndon Johnson were full of shit and nothing else.

Last week, if one wasn’t paying attention to the CIA-Mossad “torpedo” mine attacks in the Gulf of Oman, then one might have read about the most recently arrived of our vibrant pot-luck dinner guests, 300-500 “refugees” from the Congo (average IQ, 76) and Angola (average IQ, 68).

These (fighting age) men, women and children were rounded up by the Border Patrol and then immediately (and illegally) released into the waiting arms of various Judeo-Christian, Churchian charities (all likely funded by George Soros). The base virtue-signalers from the house charity of the Church of Luciferianity promptly shipped them off here and yon across the lower Forty-Eight, to those places with the best and most lucrative welfare systems. Portland, Maine, your shipment is inbound.

The newcomers, from the Ebola capital of the World, want more than the free stuff. Okay, they mainly came for the free stuff, but they’ll happily exchange the lower intelligence, violent propensities, and backwards ways for it. And, they really want to live in a place that feels like home. (DO NOT ask, Then, why the hell did they leave home?). The Congolese, for instance, want to settle in places that already have substantial populations from the Congo. Places like Portland. That way, you know, they don’t have to learn a new language, learn new customs, think critically, or otherwise assimilate. The main problem they have is that, with their restrictively low intellect, they can’t figure out where these places are or how to get to them. But, that’s why we have Catholic Social Services.


Now, now, yes, I’ve heard all the excuses of justification and apology. A few of the more prominent ones, I’ll address:

There’s: “This is part of the diversity, which is our greatest strength.” These people, who couldn’t make an ounce of positive difference in the lands they came from, will somehow make a difference, here. Right.

How about, “Amerika is a nation of immigrants!” Bullshit! George Soros wasn’t born for sixteen years after the Pilgrims landed, and there were no Catholic, Protestant, or Jewish relocation charities anywhere in the hemisphere at the time.

Or, “Hey! Something about a poem on a statute or something.” Ha! Poems, like Constitutions, are living, breathing things that change constantly. And, I note that not one of the “refugees” yearns to be free. Eat for free, yes (...despite the rolls of $100 bills...).

And, the one that I can only ever imagine spoken with a lisp, “All that TASTY ETHNIC FOOD!” Hey, buddy, given where these folks are coming from, it’s safe to assume they see you and your soy-based comrades as the tasty ethnic food. Either stay out of Portland, or, if you must go there, have the common courtesy to wear some hot sauce and mayonnaise.

And, there you have it. Between the Congo (76 IQ = “dull”) and Angola (68 IQ = “clinically retarded”), there’s only about 112 million potential new Democratic voters. This year. Next year, Ebola, war, terrorism, and violent crime aside, there’ll probably be 125 million. If they all come in, this year or next, with that thrilling, easily won, and totally not fabricated war with Iran in progress, you probably won’t even notice.

Just to be on the safe side though, carry some hot sauce and other condiment packets on you when you go out. Trump 2020: Make America Ethnic Food Again!