05 October 2020

TPC Fall Break; What's That Coming Down The Track; SD 17 Becoming a Competitive Race?


TPC started its fall break about a week ago so that puts us approx halfway through it. I've decided the ole site will have four 2-week breaks per year in a quarterly fashion. Hope that's okay w/ you, Dear Reader. 


Stetson Bennett IV is such a great story. Son of a Newton Co. gal - Denise Bennett, nee Beasley - SB4 just solidified his status as DGD no matter what happens moving forward. This fella has attained this status & will carry it w/ him no matter where he goes, high or low. 

And what about that 'D?! Almost otherworldly. As several sports writers & pundits have been saying in the past 24 hours, Georgia's defense alone means that it has a very good chance of winning any game it plays this year, against any opponent. 

We'll know a lot more after we face what I believe to be a very capable Tennessee team. 

But it's always so nice beating Auburn, isn't it?

Here's what I posted on the book of faces earlier today: 

Turns out maybe we shouldn’t have been as nervous about the wareagletigerplainsmen from “Clemson w/out the Lake” as some of us were based on that glorified & righteous a$$kicking we delivered to those elderly & children-hating, water-hosing bums from down around Opelika.

The big question is how good are we really & truly because I’m wondering if Auburn just isn’t really that good at all. I think we’ll know a lot more after we take on what is looking to be a legit UT team.

Great win!



GA SD 17 

For the last decade or so SD (senate district) 17 has always been in the realm of a 65/35 GOP-to-Dem split; but, the times - they are a changin', right? The gap has tightened to more like a 60/40 here recently or maybe even closer, what w/ the changing demographics & all. 

But this isn't any ordinary year, and this isn't any ordinary Dem candidate. 

Folks, Kelly Rose is in it to win it, apparently. 

Kelly Rose

While she's a Democrat, she's also a gun enthusiast who lives on a small farm in Henry Co. She seems very intelligent & is obviously a very attractive looking lady (and, let's face it, that never hurts). 

Especially in light of the Strickland campaign really picking up their pace as well as the recent outside money flowing into this thing from both sides, this just might be one to keep an eye on... 


Okay for now, scamps, until we meet again... 

- MB McCart