19 October 2020

[TPC REAL Politick] - T-Minus 15 Days: What's the Buzz; What's Happening?

By: MB McCart, Ed. 

Ciao, TPCers! 

So...gettin' down to the crunch time. What's the word on the Street? 

In re Sheriff

The county had a "viral" political moment last week w/ the whole Ezell Breaking State Law thing. The next day - & for the first time in years & years - the home city saw two NCSO Deputy cars - two of the new sleek, all-black-ones - patrolling the surface streets of C-town liked they owned it. Up & down Floyd St., w/ a least one pullover; hitting Emory, Pace, Usher & Conyers & all points in between. Some wondered if a message was being attempted to be sent. 

What message might that've been? Who knows? 

Interesting, though... 

To me, it's another sign of desperation. 

Looking more & more like Ken's gonna take this sucker! 


Folks, I'm proud to report that I'll be doing either an an in-person or phone interview w/ Destiny Bryant at some point in the next several days. 

So stay tuned for that. 

Odds & Ends 

- Maybe Dana Darby not going gentle into that good night after all? More & more it's looking as if both candidates in this race have baggage that they're carrying. This seems to be turning into a tight race. 

- Nothing new w/ any of the other races, as far as I can tell... 

Next week look for some limited commentary on state & federal. 

Okay for now, friends, 'til next time! 

- MB McCart