12 October 2020

Your Man on the Scene, MB: Roofing Business On Fire in C-Town; Traffic Confusion; Rob Fowler All In For Ezell

Greetings & Salutations, it's just your ole pal MB here. Hope everything's going everyone's way out there! 

So, we had that weather event/microburst/hail storm some time back right in the heart of the home city & as you may have noticed it looks as if just about every roof between Floyd & Conyers streets, in between Dearing & Church streets, has gotten replaced. I've also seen some outliers a bit further out pretty much in all directions. 

Now, certainly, that hail was pretty dang rough, and I know there was a lot of damage out there. I also know that anytime this happens a certain phenomenon occurs: 

The roofing companies start pounding the payment hard & the insurance companies are right there w/ 'em & only happy to help facilitate things in an efficient manner. While, sure, they'll be paying out a lot of claims, they also know that they'll make it up on the back end w/ the increased premiums.

The house always wins, people.

And remember -- TANSTAAFL: There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.

Somebody always pays... 


Musical 4-Way Stops 

So first of last week the city did something that a fair number of folks in the home city have been calling for for years & this is they finally put a 4-Way Stop at the intersection of East St & Floyd St. 

All is well, right? 

In fact, Thursday morning, the city does an official Facebook post about it; however, less than 5 hours later & all of the sudden the stop sign is gone as well as the city's post.

I'm hearing a few different things about what really transpired, but here's the rub -- the city decided they would rather spend $100K of your money in order to do a "traffic study." Well, no doubt, this new edition of the city council has been all about spending taxpayer money on all manner of things (including for-profit skating rinks) here in 2020, though they were supposed to be a conservative group according the 2019 wE tOoK bAcK OuR cItY! election crew (you know who you are). 

For what it's worth, we do need that 4-way there to act as a traffic circuit of sorts coming into the square. Also, replace the lights at Usher & Pace as well as Elm & Floyd w/ 4-ways & all of our dreams will come true... 


As many may've already known, the infamous Rob Fowler is supporting Democrat Ezell Brown for Sheriff this fall; however, at least a few of these folks were not expecting a half-page ad touting this endorsement in this past weekend's Covington News (just in time for the first day of early voting). 

As some have wondered for years, I wonder if Ezell gets a break on advertising (or even free ads) by virtue of him being one of the 3 county constitutional officers that vote every year on legal organ status (the official "paper of record" as per state law, to publish all of the public notices [worth a lot of money] which, by the way, the Covington News is). 

So, apparently we can add Fowler to the Minister's Union/JC Henderson Machine/Wm "Tommy" Craig/Smiths political coalition. 

Interesting times, my friends, very interesting times. You know we'll be keeping an eye on it. 

- MB McCart