13 March 2021

Bobby Nettles - Mental Enslavement: The Framing of the Covid Narrative

 One of the most nefarious things being done to young people is they are taught to not trust their own eyes and ears and experiences.

It creates a reliance on outside validation and causes their mental flow to be subjected to relentless repetitions of self doubt.
It's a form of mental enslavement.
The CDC this week has conceded that masks and lockdowns have had, AT BEST, a 1.5% effect on spread and deaths.. maybe as low as 0.5%
That's observable just from comparison of one place to another, so that's not a surprise if you were paying attention.
The data, when viewed in its entirety and in proper context has never been terribly scary unless you are unhealthy or older than 75.
That's a slam dunk regardless of what anyone has to say about it - it happened, we watched it...
Of course, in 2021, that level of objectivity is a mere speed bump ...
I am told that the CDC is still recommending masks, because - reasons, and the study isn't saying masks don't work, its saying they HAVEN'T worked... 2 different things.
Politifact has even fact checked this and rated it - FALSE!
If I wasn't so dumb I'd see that this data does nothing to our need to continue masking, social distancing, and basically staying home indefinitely, for no good damn reason.
 Bobby Nettles
Strong Boy, Trivia Titan & Athenian Robert Lee "Bobby" Nettles is a Cane Corso enthusiast & a Friend to Freedom who simply calls 'em like he seems 'em.