19 March 2021

MB's Word on the Street, Week of March 20: Talkin' Madam Coroner, Newton GOP; TPC's Spring Break Coming Soon...

 Hello there, Dear Readers. It is my sincere hope that this post finds you very well. 

Word on the Street... 

Says that Madam Coroner has had another incident, and quite possibly has invited a 4th lawsuit Newton County's way. 


Too bad the GA Coroner's Association/Training Council is apparently comprised by weak, easily swayed, scaredy cats...  

Newton GOP 

Well, folks, it's that time again. It's Convention Time! As some would say, it's time for those couple of fleas to fight for control of that proverbial mangy mutt. 

As friend of the program & political legend Mr. Fred Wheeler has always said -- "it's just good, cheap entertainment.

And at a minimum, it's usually definitely that. 

Another famous saying of Mr. Fred's: "you gotta have a program to know the players." 

So a little backstory. 

Just like a couple of years ago, the battle lines are drawn as such: 

A coalition of the former establishment folks; the Smith/Fleming/Team Kemp crew; the Song Alliance/TJ & Dalton; (maybe even ole Sammy Boy...?), et al 


The former outsiders/now establishment/Scott-Jay-&-the-Gang group along w/ a some of the #NewtonCounty12/NCLA/GA Liberty folks. 

The previous two groups don't get along very well. At all. 

But, there is another group, a group I've been writing about all the way since back in 2013, and that's the key piece of the puzzle in my estimation -- The In-Betweeners. The GDIs. The Adults in the Room, etc. 

Not that they've ever made any real headway in the last 8 years (local reflects national; national reflects local). 

Against better judgement, I'm thinking that maybe 2021 is the year Common Sense returns & we might finally get things figured out. 

Ideally, a unity slate. Of the 6 ExCom officials, two from each faction. A similar ratio w/ the County Committee. 

Supposedly there are a few folks actively trying to make this happen & I say this: 

"God Bless 'Em & They're Great Americans!" 

With the dynamics of the other side (Team Blue) in the Body Politic of Newton Co., a real opportunity exists if the cards are played correctly.

And for the record, I won't be there on Saturday. 

I'm officially unaffiliated.

Plus, I'm busy that day. 


Starting next week, TPC will be taking its quarterly 2-week break. Should have at least another piece or two before that happens. 

As Always Yours Ever in Love of the Home County,