02 March 2021

Tommy Craig Strikes Again! New Revenue Stream Compliments of Tax Commish Marcus Jordan

By MB McCart 

State of GA 
Newton Co.

(Covington, GA | 3/2/21) -- 

Wm Thomas Craig -- "The Million Dollar Man"

It has recently been discovered by this publication that Sheriff Ezell Brown is not the only constitutional officer in Newton Co. using Wm Thomas "Tommy" Craig for legal services. Craig, the "caustic" former county attorney who was sacked in November of 2015 after 40 years had been making right around a million per year up until that time. 

Since then, Craig has been making hundreds of thousands per year from the Sheriff's office (the Sheriff's legal spending increased ten-fold from 2106 to 2017, grew some more into 2018 & has seemingly plateaued since then but is still approx 1100% higher than it was in 2015). 

Now, however, it seems as if Attorney Craig has added a new revenue stream for his law practice in the form of the Newton Co. Tax  Commissioner, Marcus Jordan. 

Craig's invoice to Jordan follows. 

The classic Tommy Craig invoice. No itemization or delineation. Just "Professional services rendered" at $250 per hour. Good work if you can get it...

Marcus Jordan