27 February 2021

Perrin Lovett: Will The Storm Save The Republic?

 Today’s column is somewhat of a follow-up on my last, longer article. I think you will find it extremely inspirational.

That 2020 election was something else, wasn’t it? What a way to end a year of nearly unmitigated disaster. There was a dubious pandemic, likely covering an economic collapse or something much worse. The whole year was a state of emergency exacerbated by civil unrest and general uncertainty. Nerves were frayed enough and then along came the political theater. To top it off, no sooner than the polls closed than the challenges began against the putative winner. Allegations of paper, electronic, systemic, and secret-societal fraud poured forth, all substantiated by what can only be described as hard evidence, proof, in fact.

Yet and still, the corrupt bureaucrats, legislators, judges, media, and others of power and influence refused to hear the evidence. These parties eagerly rubber-stamped the fraud and, going much further, began a pre-planned campaign to spread lies and squelch dissent. The situation looked, for all intents and purposes, final. The deed was done. The nominally-defeated, many of them, began to sulk and mutter about the “next time.” The victors prepared to take power and press forward with a most progressive agenda - a great reset, if you will.

Then, only a few weeks ago, the most miraculous thing happened. The military, long rumored to be positioned against such electoral theft, took bold, decisive action. A period of emergency martial law was imposed. A new, honest election was promised. The incoming, illegitimate head of state was arrested for multiple crimes. Hundreds of corrupt officials were arrested for their roles in the coup. The fake news media was caged. The complicit members of the larger tech platforms were silenced via a nationwide internet blackout. 

The news only got better as the days and weeks progressed. The pro-Constitution military began arresting members of the board of governors of the central bank. Assets were frozen to prevent pilferage or further subversive usage. At last check, falsehood-peddling entertainers, influencers, and celebrities were either rounded up or forced to flee the country.

In short, a storm struck the body politic, bringing true justice much as a hurricane brings high winds. This is exactly what happened - in Myanmar.

The usual suspects elsewhere are understandably alarmed at the implications and example. Corrupt politicians, banking criminals, and the rest know that what happens in one country can happen in any country. Both the USSA and the UK have sanctioned Myanmar. Then again, the UK may ban USians from entering the Old Kingdom, so who really cares?

China and Russia have given tacit support to the military’s efforts, which should effectively keep the UN from meddling. The waning Western Powers can do little, themselves succumbing to the ravages of globalism. They are complaining because the Tatmadaw hardliners are ardent nationalists.

Myanmar is a more coherent nation than, say, the USSA. Seventy percent of the country’s 54 million people are ethnic Barams with most of the remainder being closely-related peoples. Ninety percent of all of them are Buddhists. The generals and others who would see the nation continue to exist, push forward with a strong program of cultural assimilation, Burmanization. Burmah is a literal melting pot, where the ingredients are expected to blend into the overall character of a genuine society. Additionally, opposite the greater Western trend, the average IQ in Myanmar is rising.

On the streets, ravings of the European media aside, there is calm. The Tatmadaw (military), interested in the manifest destiny of the country, is also on the side of the people, even those duped by the siren song of faux progress. They have adopted an intelligent strategy of waiting out misled protesters while moving rapidly to detain real globalist-backed troublemakers. This change in street operations is accompanied by the full integration of modern logistics, equipment, and standards. Indeed, this is not the same military some remember from the civil wars of the past few decades. To the extent it watches, the world is astounded.  

Aung San Suu Kyi (think Kamala without the Rasta influence) is on the wrong side of history, having attempted to illegally force incompatible politics on a culture and an identity led by brave men. The consensus of the honest Asian press and socio-political evaluators is that those men are on the right side.

They probably can save their Republic. A very pleasant notion, isn’t it?

- Perrin Lovett is the CF Floyd Feature Writer of Affairs National at TPC & is also the Editor of Freedom Prepper.