03 November 2021

TPC REAL Politick, 11/3/21: COV Election Results; Porterdale To Get Boozy; Third Time's NOT a Charm for JC in re WTC

By: MB McCart, Ed.  

Greetings, Piedmonteers, and we hope this post finds you dandy as candy. 

Speaking of dandy, how 'bout Dansby? And Jorge, Freddie, Fried, Snit & the rest of the crew? World Champs, baby! 

How 'Bout Them BRAVES!!! 

C-Town Election Coverage 

I think I'll just go w/ my FB post from last night: 

Give 'Em Heck, Keck!
Susie Keck wins #COV East Ward Post 1 race 57%/43%.
Contested West Ward race closer than anticipated.
The "wE tOoK bAcK oUr CiTy" crowd has apparently lost some political capital given the results of the past two years. Also, some political watchers have commented that the Ferry campaign did not put in the necessary grassroots work to have made the race more competitive, while others pointed to the polarizing nature of the challenger's campaign.
Yard signs certainly don't hurt but they also don't vote.
to Councilwoman Susie Keck! I was proud to vote for you, Ma'am.


Perhaps the biggest surprise last night, at least to me, was how competitive the contested West Ward race was. While I figured Susie would win by about 10 percentage points, I figured it would be a miracle for Scotty Scoggins to get w/in even 20 percentage points of Hawnethia's handpicked successor - Chakita Davis. Well, it was a 56/44 split resulting in only a 12 point differential. I'd been told that Scoggins was a stand-up guy & that he ran a pretty hard campaign. I gotta tip my hat to him. Very well done, sir. 

The Loveliest Mill Village to Allow Off-premise Sales of Distilled Spirits 

In a huge vote consisting of 70 total ballots, P-Dale residents voted 60% to 40% (probably need to recheck your math there, Madam Editor Queen) to make this municipality the first in the home county to put a referendum up to allow for package sales of liquor w/ the recent change from the General Assembly.

This bodes well for the practically bankrupt city in that they can get up to $6,000 per store per year in licensing fees not to mention the big increase in their share of the sales tax. They've already hedged their bets some in terms of what they'll allow. My thought would be they'll probably allow one over by the gas stations & then another one in Downtown. And I tell ya', the old site of Green Room/Tavern would make a great spot for one. If only there was a great liquor store manager available to run it.  Could probably make a killing (calling all investors)... 

JC Gonna JC 

For the THIRD time, JC once again tried to get Tommy Craig back to the public teat & for the third time it failed. 

JC & gal pal Alana tried again to flex their political muscle w/ regards to County Manager Loyd Kerr but it failed miserably as ole Marcello flexed that political hammer known as the VETO. 

As an aside, I truly think BOC 4 Rep Demond Mason is missing a grand opportunity. He's afraid of getting primaried by the JC/Sanders/Craig Machine but w/ the way redistricting might be going & they way he's been performing he may need to be afraid of getting a challenger from the other direction. I know for a fact that some politicos & movers in the 4th are getting a little tired of his...whatever it is he's doing. 

Talk about pissin' in the wind. He could pretty much be the King Maker of the home county but now it's as if he's a prison yard chump holding onto JC's outstretched pocket & following him around. Sad. 

Okay for now,