15 November 2021

TPC Real Politick: Not So Fast on the VETO; Advocating for THC; Memo to Ezell on the First Rule of Holes; Embrace the Chaos?

By: MB McCart, Editor  

The Home County

In re the County Manager situation, apparently Marcello can use his veto power to deny the vote that a majority of the BOC - Mason (2nd district), Sanders (3rd) & Henderson (4th) - approved to not renew Kerr's contract as manager but purportedly, per state law, a political subdivision has to have a majority (which is veto-proof) vote in order to offer an employment contract to anyone, specifically in this case - Loyd Kerr as county manager. Therefore, the point appears to be moot unless one of the aforementioned Commissioners changes their mind (not likely). 

I remember when they first made the changes to the charter several years back that there were some situations where a veto was not possible or was not permitted. This appears to be one of those instances. Honestly, I'd have figured that the (other) Team MB (Team Marcello) would've had their ducks in a row on that, but, apparently no, not really, because, reality, and history. 

Not surprising...

As a politico perhaps somewhat on a lonely island, my position may be different than most & certainly your mileage will likely vary but basically I'm all here for it. It? Whatever. Anything. Everything. 

No, at this point, I think I'm basically a supporter of chaos. Full-on. In Toto. 

I have no allegiances to anything, or anybody. I'm not Team Marcello; I'm not Team JC; I'm not Team Anyone. I'm Team Home County (THC). Unfortunately, THC doesn't have hardly any advocates right now; THC needs to be embraced by its citizens, to be fully...inhaled, metaphorically speaking, if you will. That the essence of THC needs to fully permeate amongst us all.

But...that's likely not going to happen anytime soon & that's just too bad. 

Stop Diggin' 

So Ezell decides to talk to the other local press the other day & pretty much makes the case for him have having indeed violated the U.S. civil rights of that Georgia Guardian fella, an American citizen. 

I was wondering why Tommy Craig was riding a unicycle yesterday on College Ave while juggling five bowling pins. Also, he was wearing a funny looking hat. 

Strange times, indeed. Until next time, friends.