01 November 2021

TPC Real Politick - Election Day: Talkin' COV East Ward Post 1 Race

 By: MB McCart, Ed. 

C-Town Representin!

Well friends, election day is almost upon us & whilst there are some notable races throughout the country (Virginia Gubernatorial, Atlanta Mayoral, et al), these odd-numbered election cycles don't have nearly as much going on as their even-numbered counterparts. 

But, not at the city level, at least here in GA, and especially here in good ole C-town

All of our municipal races are always done in the odd years & while the 2019 edition was perhaps a little more publicized w/ the inclusion of the mayoral race, this year's edition is still very important. 

This time around there are two west ward races & only one - Post 1 - in the east ward. The west ward races are foregone conclusions, so we turn our attention to the east. 

Ferry vs Keck 

If you'd asked me a few months ago & I would've told you that I didn't think this one would be really competitive but apparently Ferry has run a pretty decent campaign. Perhaps not as much w/ door-to-door or canvassing, but certainly w/ yard signs, no? Yep, that old saying certainly rings true -- they never hurt; however, there is never any substitute for REAL Politick & pressin' the flesh & just talkin' w/  folks... 

So right off the bat, and as at least a few of you know, I'll be voting for Susie Keck tomorrow (I always vote on election day). I've had one of her signs in my yard here at HQ in Historic North Covington for the better part of two months. 

I've known Carla for several years. As some of you may remember, I really advocated for her w/ the Gazebo situation about four years ago. And it was my pleasure. It really was. 

Now Carla herself will tell you - as she's told me before - that she can get a little wound up, maybe fly off the handle here & there; not necessarily on an even keel. 

And look, I obviously get the irony here. Me talking about these aforementioned things. Talk about the pot & the kettle, right? 

Of course, the difference is that I am NOT running for public office


I like Susie. Don't always agree w/ her, but I like her & I know she deals straight. 

W/ the composition of the rest of the council moving forward I believe that having her on there will very much give a good balance for the home city. 

I'm hoping she wins & am cautiously optimistic that she does. 

Unfortunately, we're seeing a rehashing of the dirty politics of 2019 though, aren't we? Lies, more lies & Damn Lies are floating out there for all to see. 

Even just a few months ago, I maybe would've done a piece explaining how a lot of what we're seeing going on in the home city was already predestined w/ zoning ordinances that were already in place over a decade ago (Hwy 36) & also how you have due process considerations & a very specific set of guidelines in place to be able to do or deny certain things w/out putting yourself in an actionable position due to an improper taking but I've clearly learned over the years that it's just a damn waste of time

So many folks - including some of the network chiefs - are either just too damn dumb or blinded to see. 

It just ain't worth my time or energy anymore. And again, I'm busy... 


Well, we'll see what we see tomorrow, won't we?